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Spell check of resign

Correct spelling: resign

forego, throw in the towel, relegate, state, withdraw, chuck up the sponge, kick, accommodate, empty, drop out, quitclaim, harmonize, part with, forswear, overturn, exhaust, forgo, pass on, unloosen, discharge, rid, recant, evacuate, sign off, abandon, disclaim, cease, give up, step down, demit, expel, forfeit, bring out, put in, give notice, abjure, stop, put forward, cast off, liberate, reverse, disengage, relieve, make up, put out, fall by the wayside, drop, conciliate, annul, turn, renounce, abnegate, harmonise, reconcile, render, take, defect, exempt, bow out, surrender, bow, leave office, lay off, shed, desert, submit, walk out, accept, capitulate, terminate, revoke, eject, retract, vacate, disown, yield, defer, reject, posit, keep, absolve, repeal, settle, continue, subject, waive, throw overboard, abdicate, take leave, forsake, lift, leave, drop by the wayside, dispense with, foreswear, patch up, throw in, rescind, release, cede, present, de-escalate, free, issue, deliver, accede, depart from, publish, depart, unblock, justify, give in, unloose, discontinue, quit, unfreeze, hand over, stand down, loose, allow, let go, spare, secrete, repudiate, let go of, step aside, countermand, dislodge, relinquish, retire, disembarrass, desist, weaken.

confiscate, adopt, occupy, maintain, favor, secure, vindicate, support, court, prosecute, arrogate, claim, hold, defend, keep, uphold, protect, assume, appropriate, assert, pursue, take office, wrest, advocate, guard, take over, cherish, seize, safeguard, undertake, usurp, haunt, retain, seek.

Examples of usage:

1) Who asked you to resign? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Each of us has lived a different life, and has now to resign it. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) So I had to resign her again, my own, my bride, who had vowed to belong to no one but me; to leave her at the threshold of a stranger's house, whose door was for ever closed to me. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.