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Spell check of repudiate

Correct spelling: repudiate

annul, disapprove, discontinue, leave, challenge, antagonize, gainsay, disaffirm, eradicate, negative, clash, abrogate, reprobate, blacklist, withdraw, efface, disown, veto, decline, boycott, abandon, dismiss, turn down, refuse, disconfirm, throw out, conflict, surrender, discard, negate, deport, prohibit, disinherit, disdain, quit, oust, cancel, relinquish, undo, obliterate, retract, argue, disallow, give up, forsake, depart from, neutralize, defy, cede, throw over, expel, extradite, pass, disavow, excise, evict, dissent, excommunicate, reject, object, desert, banish, refute, expatriate, rebut, denounce, abolish, ostracize, amputate, disprove, oppose, disclaim, deny, counterbalance, balk, eliminate, relegate, renege, spurn, divorce, forswear, foreswear, dispute, abdicate, forego, repulse, ignore, bar, cast off, disqualify, destroy, contradict, check, remove, collide, renounce, proscribe, dissolve, abjure, disincline, revoke, repeal, take back, recant, eject, abnegate, unsay, differ, resign, complain, blackball, rejoin, deselect, disacknowledge, invert, disbar, nullify, vacate, demur, overturn, pass up, cease, reverse, exclude, forbid, contend, delete, bicker, disagree, nix, invalidate, exile, ban, confute, extinguish, accept.

avow, allow, submit, assert, adopt, aver, protect, pursue, confess, concede, claim, contend, agree, hold, defend, seek, advocate, cherish, assent, prosecute, vouch, keep, countenance, accept, admit, acknowledge, declare, verify, welcome, select, approve, announce, retain, acquiesce, confirm, haunt, recognize, vow, affirm, occupy, maintain, support, take, authenticate, profess, vindicate, uphold, substantiate, adhere, receive, embrace, favor, court, undertake, espouse, corroborate, accede, choose, own, consent, proclaim, state, grant, back, tolerate, handpick, condone, validate, endorse.

Examples of usage:

1) If Martin was alive, well she knew how quickly he would repudiate the gift, how his man's pride would revolt at her having financial independence of him. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) They mean, first, to repudiate the idea of self- interest being the sole economic motive or force. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) In other words, the resolution approves the admission of Arizona with the judicial recall, unless the voters themselves repudiate it. - "History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)", E. Benjamin Andrews.