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Spell check of repose

Correct spelling: repose

field pansy, pose, aplomb, tranquillity, convenience, poise, demean, catch one's breath, relaxation method, residue, stillness, intermission, lie, napping, restfulness, easiness, equanimity, simpleness, composure, residuum, perch, sangfroid, placidness, cease-fire, peace, countenance, cool, inaction, eternal sleep, unload, quietness, stop, calmness, respite, lodge in, reside, nonresistance, rest period, equilibrium, coolness, put, relaxation behavior, stay, recumb, discharge, two-eyed violet, set down, loosening, quietus, placidity, domiciliate, disgrace, lounge, peace of mind, position, bed, take down, accord, shut-eye, quiescence, calm, holiday, residual, furlough, stretch, vacation, silence, place, dwell, inhere, remainder, resting, drop off, relax, snoozing, exist, decompression, friendliness, rest, start, consist, pacification, simplicity, lay, quietude, nap, armistice, quiet, still, occupy, patience, record, slackening, shack, self-composedness, domicile, ease, ataraxis, composedness, place down, serenity, concord, eternal rest, love-in-idleness, cessation, orderliness, heartsease, relaxation, catnapping, balance, get down, wild pansy, sereneness, amity, land, dozing, imperturbability, horizontal, leisure, remain, put-down, pause, liberalisation, neutrality, collectedness, order, lull, sleep, destroy, enter, relief, take a breather, roost, z's, pillow, pink of my John, continue, retire, slumber, tranquilness, recreation, lean back, comfort, bring down, breathe, self-possession, set, peace treaty, degrade, write down, tranquility, recline, informality, peaceableness, drop, inactivity, truce, peacefulness, public security, slumbering, liberalization, hush.

be active, apprehension, hubbub, commotion, disquiet, disturbance, din, pandemonium, agitation, uproar, strain, bustle, apprehensiveness, excitability, nervousness, solicitude, perturbation, move, sleeplessness, exertion, worry, pressure, stress, concern, hurly-burly, wake, turmoil, alarm, unquietness, anxiety, consciousness, tension, work, rush, tumult, labor, toil, motion, clamor, excitableness, stir, uneasiness, restlessness, insomnia, noise, unrest, tenseness, movement, wakefulness, care, racket, excitement, discomposure, anxiousness.

Examples of usage:

1) She wrapped herself up in it and soon slept calmly, but it was long before I could find repose. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) Two chairs stood beside each other in the background, inviting to repose, out only one of them was occupied. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Pray continue to treat me on the old footing, and resume your repose, which I unfortunately disturbed. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.