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Spell check of replica

Correct spelling: replica

procreation, metaphorical, photograph, counterfeit, illustrative, rejoinder, representation, spitting image, approximate, miniature, counter, SIMULACRE, image, reverberation, simulacrum, reproduction, outline, rendering, duplicate, analogous, breeding, metaphor, analogy, cartoon, echo, tracing, ditto, facts of life, reduplication, figurine, approximation, representative, forgery, dummy, mirror image, transcript, clone, retort, portrayal, facsimile, snapshot, carbon, rendered, return, portrayed, picture, cast, graphic, ringer, idol, riposte, reproductive memory, Xerox, same, photocopy, statue, alter ego, pastiche, bust, match, carving, resemblance, parody, likeness, dupe, duplication, sound reflection, silhouette, aping, imitation, fetch, icon, effigy, look-alike, original, replication, comeback, twin, depiction, impression, mock, model, drawing, carbon copy, double, counterpart, illustration, copy, doppelgänger.

converse, original, archetype, opposite, reverse, model, pattern, prototype, antithesis.

Examples of usage:

1) The Dresden carpet is conspicuously inferior in finish and colour to that of Darmstadt, so much so that Waagen and others, who believe the former a replica, think a pupil or assistant may have been responsible for this and other details, which for some reason Holbein himself was unable to finish. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

2) As he sat with her on a sofa in the second of the two small drawing- rooms under a replica of the Winged Victory, and a tiny full- length portrait of Charmian as a child in a white frock, standing against a pale blue background, by Burne- Jones, he felt like a man who had been far away from himself, and who was suddenly again with himself. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.

3) He turned to his other side and gazed questioningly at the replica of Tournay who stood there. - "Wheels Within", Charles V. De Vet.