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Spell check of render

Correct spelling: render

rede, copycat, proclaim, hit the hay, approximate, describe, cast, emcee, advance, crawl in, save, concede, shape, refund, charbroil, picture, make, broil, serve, ascribe, bear, reelect, abdicate, represent, come back, limn, establish, yield, waive, express, frame, extemporize, plate, quote, sketch, Anglo, copy, ease up, bring home the bacon, relent, ply, add, bow, take, compel, ration, riposte, reduplicate, set out, soften, help out, read, inform, execute, cater, decode, try on, restate, announce, try, put in, exhibit, put up, try out, do, turn over, hit the sack, fashion, cite, succumb, tile, register, carpet, present, deliver, extend, project, false beginner, revert, fall, devote, abandon, make out, contribute, law, dole, doodle, furnish, show up, allow for, append, paraphrase, collapse, attempt, evince, replicate, stress, give in, notify, code switching, varnish, interpret, bring about, fancy, come over, apply, delineate, record, deal, rescue, braise, put, bake, debut, reach, give up, understand, renounce, burn, generate, occasion, relinquish, pitch, retort, send, endow, bear witness, bilingual, duplicate, be, paper, effect, tender, quitclaim, engender, cave in, reproduce, relegate, impart, buckle under, leave, assign, mother, address, rephrase, imitate, hark back, words, attribute, give, force, condense, donate, performing arts, offer, lay down, look, get, sire, forswear, examine, anglophone, commit, construct, fall in, administer, devolve, posit, paint, strain, retrovert, distribute, transform, pass on, simulate, perform, testify, seek, take back, award, put forward, illustrate, play, become, give birth, analyze, draw, get behind, trace, shew, fork up, cede, compose, gift, plaster, boil, get in, kip down, constrain, issue, deport, baste, show, founder, indicate, disburse, benefit, report, turn back, move over, fluency, pledge, bring back, cough up, visualise, regress, board over, create, bestow, grant, have, throw, turn in, fidelity, break, entertain, subject, resign, boil down, retire, comment, reword, support, lend, pronounce, lavish, figure, construe, beget, fund, outline, assist, make up, sample, chip in, dispense, consecrate, portray, brown, silhouette, image, shower, declare, extradite, see, carry out, essay, recall, afford, clone, allot, fabricate, prove, appear, open, expend, allow, fluent, elucidate, give back, reconcile, birth, bid, go to sleep, cause, kick in, pay, get through, amuse, judge, go on, ape, bring forward, supply, put on, cement, decipher, go to bed, redeem, hand down, translate, transpose, fork over, consign, fork out, assay, barbecue, father, share, dedicate, state, manufacture, communicative competence, sack out, approach, return, bed, accede, bequeath, envision, hand over, hold, ice, provide, give way, photograph, grow, taste, repay, adjudicate, drive home, help, annotate, bring forth, depict, go, wax, require, transcribe, surrender, evidence, submit, knuckle under, pass, usher, visualize, feel, demonstrate, sacrifice, conjure, feed, invite, rejoin, defer, hand, explain, guide, designate, test, form, demit, point, model, keep, hear, demo, constitute, encode, nurse.

garble, misrepresent, invent, distort, keep, twist, initiate, color, pervert, retain, warp, imagine, originate, falsify, withhold, misdescribe, misstate, create.

Examples of usage:

1) I have no apologies to render. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I never knew a player before who could render the words of a song as well as the music. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) There's very little probability of his wanting any further assistance that I could render him. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.