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Spell check of removed

Correct spelling: removed

downgraded, weeded, condensed, discharged, deep, mowed, disallowed, relegated, dissociated, unrelated, disintegrated, direct, various, bore, decremented, foreign-born, cut, banned, disassociated, excised, obscure, snuffed, far-off, segregated, excavated, alienated, halved, fragmented, shortened, diminished, disengaged, upstage, slain, dissimilar, alien, inadmissible, banished, elided, unlike, legitimate, hanged, bobbed, tapered, expressed, outside, smothered, carted, rent, irrelevant, axed, depreciated, dissected, aloof, distant, sundered, pruned, external, curtailed, hazy, slew, unaffiliated, borne, broke, proscribed, leached, severed, executed, divergent, eliminated, lightened, deducted, cropped, expatriated, abridged, sliced, separate, docked, split, barred, parenthetical, compacted, out-of-the-way, conflicting, contracted, ostracized, clipped, transmitted, closeted, extraneous, blacklisted, transported, moved, detached, killed, deflated, away, dispatched, extricated, ripped, cleaved, butchered, massacred, left, recalled, apart, close, sacrificed, unglued, ignorant, carried, beyond, iced, sequestered, divorced, unsuspecting, estranged, reduced, compressed, foreign, put to sleep, near, disjoined, decreased, dropped, illiterate, inappropriate, incised, drawn, assassinated, unfamiliar, alone, asphyxiated, exiled, eradicated, immaterial, outlandish, extracted, prohibited, smitten, receded, liquidated, did away with, far, repudiated, disunited, renounced, far-flung, isolated, done in, concentrated, drained, ignored, pared, time, ejected, rejected, disconnected, disqualified, snubbed, discounted, illegitimate, delivered, strange, uninformed, impertinent, retired, conveyed, lost, other, disaffiliated, extrinsic, inapplicable, extraterrestrial, solitary, bated, kinship, uncoupled, done away with, extirpated, insulated, drowned, outback, outer, unessential, unfixed, divided, strangled, lonesome, suffocated, lowered, ousted, alternative, unknowing, nonessential, parted, smote, isolate, evicted, sent, different, cordoned, nipped, shifted, did in, unacquainted, remote, disbarred, include, withdrew, faraway, diverse, abstracted, outlying, subtracted, unallied, purged, screened, excluded, withdrawn, contrasting, ill-informed, murdered, insular, amputated, back, sheared, exterminated, expelled, dwindled, denied, exotic, eroded, bisected, broken, excommunicated, secluded, disjoint, lessened, illegitimacy, chilled, lone, familial, cloistered, eerie, shaved, depleted, forbade, distinct, filial, slaughtered, long, truncated, shrunken, forbidden, unhinged, family, blackballed, boycotted, dismantled, disassembled, deleted, deported, separated, drew, lonely, hauled, abbreviated, transferred, confined, trimmed, extradited.

contiguous, nearby, nigh, near, adjoining, adjacent, close.

Examples of usage:

1) Under the influence of the warm drink, the fur coat with its mask of ice was removed. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) That necessity is removed now. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Tug removed his gaze from Mrs. Dorris to Silas. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.