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Spell check of relentless

Correct spelling: relentless

caustic, piquant, willing, sedulous, dedicated, forever, ghastly, resolved, pertinacious, inexorable, downcast, cool, blue, devoted, abrupt, driven, cruel, dour, grim, correct, unceasing, puritanical, incompliant, unchangeable, disciplined, remorseless, continual, brutal, sharp, obdurate, unshakeable, continuing, iron-willed, dismal, continuous, intolerant, unyielding, fundamental, ceaseless, depressed, brassbound, strait-laced, steely, valiant, uninterrupted, headstrong, low-spirited, unmitigated, unfailing, Spartan, drear, macabre, steady, ascetic, censorious, unbendable, forbidding, gloomy, Draconian, stubborn, nonstop, dark, everlasting, indefatigable, intransigent, hidebound, adamantine, short, grisly, eternal, thorough, severe, indomitable, constant, insistent, harsh, bullheaded, implacable, mordant, critical, adamant, ruthless, unwavering, spunky, lean, obstinate, unending, stringent, stern, meticulous, resist, continue, reliable, plucky, gruesome, steadfast, dispirited, crisp, spare, unrelenting, sick, imperial, strong-willed, persevering, precise, lasting, rigorous, oppressive, unbending, unforgiving, disconsolate, low, perpetual, ambitious, prudish, round-the-clock, courageous, icy, faithful, zealous, earnest, set, tough, decisive, acrimonious, chilly, inflexible, iron, intent, interminable, indefinite, acute, stiff-necked, deliberate, die-hard, austere, endless, decided, rigid, dauntless, around-the-clock, competitive, curt, downhearted, bleak, unmerciful, brusque, basic, dingy, unremitting, hard, dry, down in the mouth, acerbic, motivated, committed, uncompliant, strong-minded, persistent, bold, gruff, firm, black, drab, tireless, haunting, determined, diligent, resolute, stark, hearty, cutting, morose, staunch, true, unappeasable, stiff, permanent, frosty, purposeful, intense, timeless, unbroken, blunt, incessant, raw, demanding, sorry, astringent, authoritarian, dreary, strict, uncompromising, keen, ongoing, exacting, loyal, unflinching, down, tenacious, fearless, dogged, brisk, tart, serious.

softening, slack, placable, yielding, pliant, bland, lenient, tender, obliging, gentle, tractable, indulgent, soft, sweet, sporadic, genial, spineless, mild, impotent, slackening, invertebrate, easy, weak, affable, pliable, complaisant.

Examples of usage:

1) Martin was a stern antagonist, however, and fought off his relentless foe with the courage of desperation. - "If Any Man Sin", H. A. Cody.

2) There was a boundary he could not pass, a force relentless and irresistible, that checked him at the very outset. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

3) Out of deep hollows his eyes looked forth, indomitable, relentless as they had ever been, searching the boy's downcast face. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.