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Spell check of relegate

Correct spelling: relegate

distinguish, break out, collapse, abandon, develop, present, break off, impart, class, smash, barricade, submit, fall in, wear, come apart, unwrap, get out, put forward, cancel, state, infract, put in, leave, catapult, split, communicate, bar, give out, posit, blockade, ostracise, downgrade, disallow, discontinue, render, give away, aggrandizement, circulate, fall apart, let out, desert, reveal, blackball, ignore, fail, consign, renounce, block up, repudiate, wear out, violate, commend, digest, forsake, give in, expose, break-dance, distribute, disclaim, drop, stop, confide, break in, damp, peg, reach, eradicate, transfer, deport, break, shun, fracture, remove, divest, split up, disown, bump up, reject, ban, exalt, pass, amputate, offend, advance, assort, knock, rank, waive, trust, separate, assign, part, compartment, surrender, intermit, move on, soften, sort, block, resign, bump, kick downstairs, compartmentalize, block off, bow, dismiss, conk out, find, advancement, dispose, progress, grade, forgo, exile, eliminate, boycott, deny, burst, pause, commit, shed, go bad, eject, release, evict, classify, bankrupt, chance, disqualify, codify, dampen, elevate, excise, let go, breach, march on, entrust, accede, categorize, give way, part with, dispel, interrupt, blacklist, let on, dislodge, defer, encounter, transgress, group, snap off, get around, vacate, break down, rid, give, founder, discard, ruin, go against, put across, banish, go on, oust, extradite, capitulate, subject, better, reconcile, break up, sort out, expatriate, displace, turn over, excommunicate, proscribe, place, hand over, ostracize, cave in, bust, demote, range, weaken, check, jettison, vent, cast out, pass around, debar, happen, transport, disbar, go, hand, divulge, disclose, erupt, exclude, type, elevation, discover, die, break away, relinquish, expel, abdicate, recrudesce, forbid, prohibit, bring out, pass on, take.

receive, mix, upgrade, shelter, disarrange, accept, raise, naturalize, repatriate, scramble, advance, mistype, entertain, promote, house, harbor, take in, elevate, confuse, kick upstairs, lump, jumble, admit.

Examples of usage:

1) Professor Fournier of Vienna has most kindly furnished me with details which seem to relegate to the domain of legend the famous ice catastrophe at Austerlitz; and I have added a note to this effect on p. - "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)", John Holland Rose.

2) To these, and perhaps to myself at a future time, I relegate the task of correcting my errors and promulgating hitherto undiscovered truths. - "The Electric Bath", George M. Schweig.

3) The keys needed a greater delicacy of treatment, and the very fact that the instrument required a new style of playing was of course sufficient to relegate the piano to another generation. - "Great Violinists And Pianists", George T. Ferris.