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Spell check of relaxed

Correct spelling: relaxed

tranquilized, enthralled, entertained, composed, sedate, reposed, unrestrained, even-tempered, flexible, inactive, easygoing, placid, informal, pleased, slack, cozy, gentle, laid-back, insecure, collected, snug, civilized, intimate, spontaneous, diverted, soft, unstrained, retired, reposing, undisturbed, moderate, peaceful, easy, loosened, delighted, degage, moderated, temperate, resting, lounged, comfy, mild, calm, folksy, warm, luxurious, unceremonious, cooled, amused, canny, mellow, distracted, soothed, at ease, charmed, still, abated, rested, pacific, soothing, quieted, calmed, nonchalant, unsecured, lightened, unrestricted, carefree, refreshed, tighten, casual, lax, subdued, natural, chilled, comfortable, stimulated, salubrious, loose, restrained, innocuous, slackened, unruffled, leisurely, beguiled, tranquil, pacified, quiet, softened, serene, napped, plain, eased, alleviated, cool.

fast, jumpy, fretful, strict, uptight, stuck, hard, painstaking, discontented, scrupulous, stern, firm, tense, dissatisfied, restricted, electric, strained, highly strung, wound up, attached, troubled, aroused, taut, agitated, displeased, fidgety, suspenseful, careful, unrelaxed, pumped, rigid, disturbed, conscientious, pumped-up, perturbed, jammed, wired, nervy, suspensive, rigorous, snug, tight, high-strung, wedged, implacable, restive, overstrung, nervous, tied, fussy, punctilious, isotonic, antsy, bound, restrained, severe, uncomfortable, cliff-hanging, jittery, edgy, nail-biting, itchy, exact, fastened, harsh, constrained, meticulous, inflexible.

Examples of usage:

1) The man on the bed relaxed, drew the cover which he had thrown partly aside up to his chin, and invited whoever it was to enter, in a fairly strong voice. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Not that industry was relaxed all round. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) " Ted"- he relaxed just a little-" when I gave my consent to your engagement, I did so with the understanding that you two children loved each other and intended to marry. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.