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Spell check of Rejuvenated

Correct spelling: Rejuvenated

enlivened, mended, reconditioned, exhilarated, diverted, resuscitated, recovered, revived, invigorated, refreshed, darned, cured, recuperated, stimulated, healed, rallied, reinvigorated, renovated, renewed, restored, improved, freshened, rehabilitated, fixed, overhauled.

Examples of usage:

1) Old orchards may be rejuvenated under proper systems of management. - "A Living from the Land", William B. Duryee.

2) And I hope I'll never leave there again though I'm rejuvenated through a million years. - "The Ultroom Error", Gerald Allan Sohl.

3) She felt her dress- an old one, rejuvenated- to be becoming. - "Aurora the Magnificent", Gertrude Hall.