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Spell check of regard

Correct spelling: regard

garb, envision, visit, view, calculate, date, homage, commendations, union, discover, run across, estimate, realize, moot, tenderness, project, respectfulness, reverence, friendship, weigh, get wind, catch, necessitate, debate, postulate, concerning, sham, obedience, forecast, encounter, take in, scrutiny, aspect, pretend, discern, peek, ask, awareness, pick up, move, study, impact, get word, wishing, stare, defer, devotion, thought, mien, feeling, paying attention, visualise, get a line, reference, bet, revere, favor, with regard to, imagine, want, demand, peer, admiration, once-over, warmth, brownie points, adherence, muse, indirect request, depend, attachment, go by, fixated, recognition, image, guess, opinion, acclaim, reckon, realise, take, deference, work out, inspect, associate, construe, behold, hive off, love, look around, concern, adhesion, escort, suppose, conceive, picture, deal, go out, find, estimation, feign, take care, regards, go through, gander, find out, dissemble, praise, count on, focused, honor, gaze, concerned, eye, respect, turn over, attention, sentimentalize, involve, glare, control, consideration, ascertain, look, glimpse, venerate, heed, believe, see, compliments, interest, perceive, witness, isolate, understand, watch, check on, value, presence, greeting, attention span, liking, go steady, greetings, respects, observe, regarding, about, attentiveness, perspective, observant, ensure, dress, gesundheit, compute, count, learn, veneration, determine, outside, appreciation, visualize, credit, fondness, sight, gape, opine, require, fancy, cypher, spy, run into, account, touch, touch on, peep, compliment, admire, inclination, examine, assure, cipher, enjoy, bear on, scrutinize, affection, sentiment, impress, esteem, deem, come across, meet, deliberate, insure, attend, attentive, consider, call for, look at, glance, affect, wish, felicitations, interpret, figure, experience, notice, hear, think, check, compartmentalize, need, bear upon, congratulations, see to it, sympathy, imply, survey, alert, cast, strike.

disdain, deprecation, distance, taunt, disillusionment, divorce, disregard, disgust, disrespect, coolness, peep, glimpse, discontent, put-down, aversion, opposition, dig, antipathy, disapproval, estrangement, condemnation, oeillade, disesteem, browse, repugnance, Irish, heedlessness, hatred, disgruntlement, disliking, glance, enmity, blink, ogle, indifference, sight, hate, animosity, indignation, gibe, repulsion, contempt, distaste, scorn, loathing, peek, alienation, opprobrium, separation, disappointment, severance, unhappiness, disenchantment, nausea, displeasure, abomination, detestation, scan, revulsion, disinclination, disfavor, stime, insult, inattentiveness, flash, dissatisfaction, dislike.

Examples of usage:

1) There is one more fact to remember in regard to apparent and mean time. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) I know how you and all the rest of the world- or, at least, that part of it in which you and I were brought up- regard my marriage. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Nature is not just with regard to us; but she may be just with regard to herself. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.