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Spell check of record

Correct spelling: record

memo, compendium, scan, census, scrapbook, triumph, tabulate, tape, fact, concerto, genius, lay, discharge, introduce, manuscript, record book, annals, thesaurus, depict, registry, immortalise, drop, reputation, timepiece, tract, collection, embark, cut, volume, register, participate, eternize, interpret, take down, track record, cross-file, narrative, biography, study, itemization, romp, disk, index, table, docket, dub in, roster, platter, repertory, legend, magnetic disc, credentials, accompany, clock, time card, demonstrate, storybook, immortalize, set down, invoice, album, ghostwrite, correspond, news, note, schedule, adagio, pamphlet, learn, thrashing, beat out, datum, memorialize, newsletter, audiotape, information, andante, summarize, memoir, narration, evince, memorandum, yearbook, fit out, blank-book, sum, retell, serial, scroll, victory, folio, eternalize, measure out, accede, detail, eternise, render, show up, pace out, ledger, get down, read, cohere, al-Qur'an, single, show, bill, best, spirit, phonograph record, life, concept album, blast, minute, tome, log, attain, 45, total, celluloid, telling, come together, intend, degrade, logbook, pull off, store, go into, bang out, calendar, mean, newspaper, budget, transcribe, cantata, roll, exceptional, recordbook, disgrace, prove, findings, cassette, recording, temper, count, mark, archive, criminal record, tally, campaign, audit, destroy, state, double, saucer, brochure, quantify, flip side, writing, work, autobiography, libretto, move into, experience, allegro, succeed, enroll, gauge, take, recount, measure, documentation, recounting, workbook, file, inventory, excessive, long-playing record, portrayal, monograph, commentary, nature, book, minutes, over, manual, declare, CD, story, script, suggest, article, weigh, data, accomplishment, background, demean, insert, constitution, tell, post, enrol, personality, rewrite, chant, epic, statement, winning streak, bring down, career, memorialise, bass, compose, air, overly, overmuch, picture, menu, Dictaphone, inscription, discography, lexicon, list, surplus, rule book, fall into place, collect, play book, connote, baton, waybill, summary, dub, win, bootleg, charm offensive, cash book, chronology, write, recruit, check, annual, anecdote, exhibit, narrate, recital, hyper-, tablet, demo, itemize, publication, back, too, point, get into, arrangement, audiovisual, repose, syndrome, sound, achieve, round, timer, more, atmospherics, disc, cashbook, denote, shew, indicate, infix, evidence, retelling, bear witness, notebook, leaflet, accomplish, DAT, description, present, land, upset, daybook, bring off, express, catalog, bank-book, establish, place down, textbook, dictionary, put down, testify, A to Z, chronicle, walkover, document, chorus, copy down, playscript, arrange, drop off, account book, trail, report, manage, novel, come in, journalize, enumeration, write down, dub out, reign, score, temperament, blast away, enter, digest, operation, attest, treasury, say, eternalise, videotape, administration, designate, usher, phonograph recording, history, disposition, go in, diary, unload, remember, release, manifest, booklet, beyond, word, magazine, commemorate, series, liner notes, verse, account, understand, get in, leger, enumerate, magnetic disk, pad, book of account, journal, treatise, figure, handbook, articulation, describe, formulate, translate, portray, chapter, process, character, inscribe.

delete, erase.

Examples of usage:

1) " So, then, according to the record," said Massingbred, holding up the book, " there is an end of the 'Martins of Cro' Martin'?" - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Upon such a record history has always given its verdict of the value of an explorer's work. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) All you have to do is to hand this man over the money and record the new sale. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.