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Spell check of receive

Correct spelling: receive

fulfill, amaze, drive, have, get down, GPS, harvest, find out, bugger off, foregather, bear, radar, draw, feature, see in, mystify, arrest, gobble, obtain, encounter, wave, accept, perplex, begin, come across, tempt, add, redeem, collar, pay off, earn, secure, have in, bewilder, run across, gain, accost, reap, gather in, net, suck in, kiss, scram, learn, adjoin, bid, accumulate, feel, sire, commence, permit, usher in, belong to, deal with, notice, incur, entertain, mother, pick up on, dupe, acknowledge, satisfy, get word, introduce, run into, hold, perk up, inaugurate, come on, endure, develop, come, discover, meet, get hold, assume, imbibe, get a line, gain vigor, trade, regain, come by, bring forth, seize, buy, experience, know, start out, get under one's skin, intoxicate, let, cause, capture, have got, pay back, shake hands with, buzz off, pocket, curtsy, ascertain, recover, convey, arrive, jam, peck, heap, befool, present, welcome, own, fix, embrace, put one over, uplift, gather up, bobble, stick, wrangle, win, cop, baffle, garner, devour, soak up, initiate, suck up, gulp, bring in, dumbfound, accommodate, catering, mishear, cod, access, deal in, blank, take, land, gravel, touch, start, enclose, bow, see, fulfil, inherit, slang, deny, procure, hail, puzzle, catch, beat, ask for, admission, achieve, smile, respond, discard, bag, approach, cell, fit, invite, prop, take on, become, deliver, view, footprint, grow, block, hear, play, fence, ask, have round, read, detect, include, go through, pay for, call for, ghosting, arrogate, disinvite, induct, line up, nail, host, guest, collect, consume, lure, comprise, induce, percolate, nod, go over to, inhale, from, ask round, come in for, determine, get, take in, give, inspire, stow, come off, birth, score, clear, father, come back, prevail, palm, co-opt, fool, converge, make, gather, lift up, flummox, stand up, ingest, set about, have over, perk, directional, vociferate, engender, elate, attain, call, stimulate, rule, admit, bump into, get wind, contract, assemble, undergo, kowtow, barter, shout out, stupefy, realize, support, install, signal, visit, cover, cope with, throw, salaam, entrance, react, let in, chance, possess, nonplus, forgather, observe, taste, give birth, greet, conform to, bring, come up, witness, annex, enter, put one across, nab, find, deal, claim, pounce, find oneself, hug, ask over, join, fetch, come over, apprehend, pose, interference, dues, sop up, pull in, gull, aim, ask in, pick up, suffer, discern, get together, come into, handle, generate, take up, happen, amass, eat, overhear, set out, salute, chop down, engorge, go, produce, absorb, put on, corner, acquire, beget, make out, dive, watch, sustain, traffic, purchase, derive, adopt, turn around, bump, realise, contain, appropriate, retrieve, match, fill, assimilate, contact, live, vex.

blacklist, exile, disallow, bar, disapprove, reject, deport, ban, oust, refuse, say farewell, decline, ostracize, blackball, throw out, dismiss, expel, banish.

Examples of usage:

1) You may, if you choose, consult together where you are, and if you agree upon a verdict, the court will receive it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) No, for I do not know how the Wahimas would receive us if we came to them. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) At last Lady Dorothea started suddenly, and said,-" We cannot receive Captain Martin here." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.