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Spell check of recant

Correct spelling: recant

relinquish, desert, retract, annul, depart from, dispute, recoil, spring, take a hop, discredit, contradict, convert, disown, forswear, void, ricochet, withdraw, unsay, surrender, suppress, confound, bound, give up, quit, cease, countermand, disprove, move on, draw back, pull back, reverberate, bounce, resile, cast off, adapt, renege, deflate, abdicate, repudiate, repeal, recall, refute, back down, keep, forego, cancel, revoke, abjure, forsake, resign, debunk, shrink back, take back, retain, nullify, abnegate, deny, disavow, cede, backpedal, reserve, eat humble pie, disclaim, draw in, leave, vacate, revise, discontinue, hold, abrogate, call back, disabuse, back out, capitulate, abandon, rebound, explode, renounce, rescind, accept, withhold.

cherish, undertake, confirm, favor, contend, avow, haunt, endorse, accept, defend, acknowledge, support, affirm, vow, advocate, court, protect, adhere, hold, pursue, adopt, maintain, proclaim, espouse, claim, keep, admit, vindicate, declare, vouch, back, seek, state, occupy, prosecute, assert, uphold, retain, profess, embrace.

Examples of usage:

1) " There is one thing worse than the cant of patriotism," retorted Lord John, " and that is the recant of patriotism." - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

2) When they arrived at the first stile they halted, and held an argument with the prisoner, promising him his life and safety if he would recant, but he held to the faith. - "Wild Life in a Southern County", Richard Jefferies.

3) At the next stile a similar scene took place- promise of pardon, and scornful refusal to recant, followed by more torture. - "Wild Life in a Southern County", Richard Jefferies.