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Spell check of reason

Correct spelling: reason

occasion, brilliance, brain-power, soil, induct, sympathy, explanation, tenableness, excuse, background, brainpower, gray matter, soundness, dry land, mentality, motive, agreement, causation, brain, condition, terra firma, intuition, account, deduce, ponder, drive, headpiece, foundation, rationale, muse, sane, power, speculation, induction, imagine, savvy, cerebrate, author, mind, subject, realistic, reason out, primer coat, rationalism, moderateness, spring, earth, argue, fountain, wisdom, argument, contend, priming coat, daydream, assess, plea, argumentation, judgment, justification, because, brood, source, undercoat, deduction, stratagem, why, consider, antecedent, meditate, motivation, design, defense, sanity, primer, envision, effort, suit, former, study, close, creator, land, cogitate, intellectual, wherefore, synthesis, modestness, wit, originator, smoke screen, case, analysis, rationality, thinking, reasoning, appraise, object, resolve, contemplate, basis, debate, causal agency, designer, sense, red herring, cause, head, proof, conceptualization, causality, evaluate, start, marble, intellection, think over, campaign, purpose, solid ground, authority, intellect, flat coat, logic, pretext, claim, for, acumen, apprehension, reflect, think, intention, intent, conceptualize, movement, cerebration, ground, marbles, deliberate, rationalness, discernment, indicate, warrant, explain, weigh, rationalization, inference, alibi, mature, evidence, on account of, causa, plan, analyze, necessity, clarity, grounded, infer, sensible, origin, incentive, reasonableness, curtilage, lucidity, intellectuality, crusade, white lie, pragmatic, understanding, lucidness, impetus, goal, conclude, common sense, speculate, fence, footing, affirmation, root, cogitation, aim, synthesize, logical, smarts, end, balanced, lawsuit, calculate, think out, saneness, tenability, intelligence, vision, pretense, yard, true, idea, priming, agent, grounds, actor, rational, causal agent, concentrate, precedent, daylights, accounting, thought, practical, ratiocination, apology, brain work, comprehension, call, loop-hole, clear-headed, capacity, point.

density, by-product, feeblemindedness, outcome, event, hysteria, denouement, issue, senselessness, fate, lunacy, delirium, aftereffect, idiocy, development, foolishness, resultant, irrationality, consequence, imbecility, doltishness, incoherence, derangement, delusion, denseness, aftermath, conclusion, dumbness, sequence, nonsensicalness, product, mania, side effect, dopiness, outgrowth, end, hallucination, stupidity, fruit, frenzy, dullness, insanity, preposterousness, corollary, upshot, repercussion, illogic, absurdity, result, fatuity, sequel, effect, creation, slowness, brainlessness, simpleness, unreason, madness, dementia, ramification.

Examples of usage:

1) What reason do you mean to give for your coming home, Kate, if he should ask you? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) You are the reason. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Well, what was the reason? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.