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Spell check of rationalize

Correct spelling: rationalize

explain, cut off, make out, stratify, ignore, systematize, value, categorize, add, balance, abbreviate, relieve, disregard, class, pardon, conclude, edit out, frame, attribute, tailor, gauge, marshal, infer, devise, appraise, cast, rate, cut down, geld, shorten, normalize, integrate, dilute, describe, rank, set, establish, approximate, consider, multiply, plan, settle, form, turn off, schedule, warrant, skip, apologise, control, trim down, shape, compute, issue, deliberate, dress, reconcile, arrange, judge, study, scheme, unsnarl, group, fix, curve, order, vindicate, stabilize, explicate, adjust, type, weigh, crop, design, snub, explain away, sheer, right, guess, estimate, let off, rationalise, separate, support, foreshorten, enumerate, calculate, compose, program, total, thin, reckon, slew, hack, score, veer, classify, harmonize, quantize, quantify, mediate, subordinate, divide, trim back, free, prepare, maintain, excuse, collate, measure, methodize, tally, contract, bring down, switch off, plot, condone, sort, schematize, unify, lop, assess, screen, organize, clarify, burn, thin out, edit, slue, account for, clip, grade, exempt, reason, cut back, sum, snip, justify, beg off, write out, apologize, place, structure, cut, chart, trim, suppose, figure, reduce, swerve, absolve, abridge, deduce, trend, orchestrate, turn out, prune, account, sift, regulate, pigeonhole, surmise, presume, think, count, determine, array, evaluate.

Examples of usage:

1) He had used it occasionally to rationalize his position, had been convinced of its undeniable truth- yet suddenly he realized that he himself was its living denial. - "The Odyssey of Sam Meecham", Charles E. Fritch.

2) So, you see, my ambitious young friend, that by no means all has been done in the law, and that what has been done is so bulky, unorganized, and confused, that even to reduce, rationalize, and systematize it is the greatest task of all. - "The Young Man and the World", Albert J. Beveridge.

3) The United States Government should pursue initiatives begun by my Administration and the Congress to stimulate insular economic development; enhance treatment under Federal programs eliminating current inequities; provide vitally needed special assistance and coordinate and rationalize policies. - "State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter", Jimmy Carter.