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Spell check of range

Correct spelling: range

locate, file, run for, come in, allowance, extend, set, begin, come out, hustle, extent, revolve, hill, cooking stove, cheat on, race, train, length, effigy, cover, vagabond, sick, aftermarket, see, depart, go, circumnavigate, double, turn, span, operate, reaching, cross-selling, territory, ramble, pen, cheat, sweep, contrive, die hard, crease, rate, gauge, kraal, count in, govern, eye socket, mold, plateau, hurl, chicken run, cathode-ray oscilloscope, room, constitutional, hurtle, corral, straddle, coal stove, vomit up, D, surf, tend, persist, lop, guide, grade, melt down, prescribe, allocation, round, lead, freewheel, C, purge, thread, capacity, lea, compass, involve, align, swear, barbie, queue, intensity, order, betray, campaign, weave, bayonet, chain, collate, assert, paddock, look-alike, barnyard, mark, clutches, run, incorporate, foothills, invest, flow, deviate, identify, snip, shave, throw up, electric stove, regurgitate, Dutch oven, brick oven, endure, divagate, regularize, get down, roaster, area, alp, stroll, scale, electron orbit, grill, detail, wind, browse, caddy, rove, score, throw off, hunt, colander, mountain, feed, ladder, bleed, track down, horizon, turn tail, hump, bogie, value, hairsbreadth, consecrate, assortment, ramble on, outrank, coffee maker, crossfire, range of mountains, post, oven, take off, broiler, melt, shake off, redact, meander, warmer, set about, simulacrum, dictate, domain, grassland, take in, calibre, plane, drift, execute, ambit, seethe, stretch, near, potential, draw, spectrum, highlands, paradigm, wave, expanse, wrap, limit, stage, confines, epitome, target, frame, diverge, ordain, width, run away, habitat, turn over, move, mould, toaster, batch, roll out, drive-by, footing, zone, oscilloscope, station, mount, piece, arrange, A, trope, clench, boundary, do, project, hightail it, register, localise, barrel, enjoin, kitchen range, mountain range, sierra, unravel, shop, aerospace, figure, measure, grasp, region, niche, quality, appreciation, variety, orbital cavity, scat, hunt down, localize, scope, volume, commit, peak, set out, persona, leeway, chuck, dune, bore, embrace, burner, represent, discharge, spue, crop, wheel, chain of mountains, sort, cooker, kitchen stove, stove, chord, appliance, balance, Dutch stove, cast, state, bluff, stray, airborne, course, realm, mountain chain, blow, be adrift, hammer, trim, baker, degree, restraint, airdrop, avoid, string, vomit, part, amplitude, climb, backlog, credit rating, fire, retch, throw, function, depth, dimension, twine, breadth, series, radius, perambulation, pass by, bogey, present, vicinity, spread, air-to-air, cold call, veer, point, aver, ace, churn rate, chemical chain, verify, lay out, backswing, diapason, cookstove, cuckold, restriction, grip, bunker, bunk, graze, limitation, ply, say, term, reach, rank, flap, upchuck, be sick, regulate, amble, err, strand, customer care, black market, jog, beat, get, puke, neighborhood, buyer's market, extension, direct marketing, block, pluck, commence, work, ken, column, cue, acreage, pose, magnitude, arena, layer, regorge, footslog, send, microwave oven, air corridor, dress, airlift, aim, roll up, arithmetic, blender, organize, throw away, lean, continuum, cranial orbit, break away, undulate, butte, disgorge, add on, roam, carry, plain, sphere, orbit, prototype, cultivate, honk, head for the hills, wander, include, scarper, pasture, lam, call, escape, bass, fusillade, spew, chafer, celestial orbit, country, cliff, distant, tell, fire fight, chamber, electric oven, roll, check, prune, pad, shed, field, position, avow, setting, barbecue, picture, slog, drop, clasp, knowledge, hold, pile, cast off, circumvent, standing, figure of speech, cookery, digress, play, accumulation, trudge, cut back, gamut, heap, swan, brazier, pass, swerve, amount, saunter, step, air pocket, build in, constraint, beater, space, airspeed, ability, image, B, safe, birdie, affirm, level, consort, fell, downs, ordinate, crotchet, clutch, concatenation, place, site, plod, detour, purview, gradation, mental image, status, ascent, farmyard, be given, aerobatics, meadow, coffee machine, direct, lay, icon, start, put, ikon, background, array, telescope, couch, set up, clip, control, float, swing, friendly fire, set off, air traffic control, cat, pasturage, exchange, fold, progression, caliber, start out, double flat, boiler, notch, take to the woods, rake, fly the coop, prevail, regularise, incline, clear, set forth.

Examples of usage:

1) Kent went out and got upon his horse, and rode away beside Manley, and talked of the range and of the round- up and of cattle and a dozen other things which interest men. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) A few stones at close range drove her off. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) When breakfast was over he started with them up the ravine to cross the range. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.