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Spell check of radioactivity

Correct spelling: radioactivity

radiotherapy, Geiger counter, radiation syndrome, irradiation, radiation therapy, half-life, radiation sickness, radiation, energy, cosmic rays, alpha particle, fission, actinotherapy, fallout, Roentgen rays, gamma rays, becquerel, carbon dating, atomic, cosmic radiation.

Examples of usage:

1) Radioactivity is as natural to us as the air we breathe. - "Flight From Tomorrow", Henry Beam Piper.

2) Seshat had had it already, and on the evidence of the radioactivity counters, not too long ago. - "Space Viking", Henry Beam Piper.

3) She wanted someone to make the whole world understand- that just as there are hidden spaces between the atoms of steel which made radioactivity possible, so in the human body there is a permeating space, in which the soul of man is built day by day from every thought and act; and when the worn- out physical envelope falls away- there it stands, a record to endure.... - "She Buildeth Her House", Will Comfort.