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Spell check of race

Correct spelling: race

racetrack, walk, course, steeplechase, lavation, slipstream, order, conflict, track down, expedite, conduct, speed, quicken, nationality, be given, chase, degree, flat race, hotfoot, lap, stamp, campaign, Aryan, washables, scamper, kin, population, battle, clock, tug of war, rush along, kind, kinsfolk, hurry, lineage, laundry, people, contest, false start, zip, lam, ply, subspecies, label, fly, raceway, fight, family, tear, incline, flat racing, minority, rush, scurry, endure, prevail, stock, relay, war, hightail it, outpace, caste, wash drawing, bring, generic, head for the hills, drive, brand, grade, humankind, pedigree, black market, genus, hasten, sport, carry, type, work, travel rapidly, grain, corrivalry, genotype, trot, clip, shepherd, bunk, sprint, execute, color, phylum, look sharp, haul off, free-for-all, tribe, public life, ethnic minority, line, function, jog, community, folk, tend, hie, folks, turn tail, escort, heat, bucket along, populace, plunge, regatta, run away, category, gymkhana, baton, style, aftermath, clan, belt along, group, designation, ladder, form, induce, set, ride, draw, gallop, class, handicap, melt down, blood, feed, dart, airstream, pursuit, passage, career, step, scarper, surge, wash, sort, engagement, stripe, kindred, lean, sect, ethnic, scramble, series, multiracial, represent, feather, horseflesh, scat, variety, escape, pass, warfare, rivalry, rank, mankind, furlong, washing, ethnicity, duel, denomination, break away, track, lead, ahead, come, ancestry, take to the woods, taxonomy, event, ilk, run, classification, genealogy, descent, extend, play, take up, double, washout, unravel, competition, melt, meet, full-blooded, accelerate, society, dash, run for, die hard, flight, mold, strife, face, struggle, bleed, species, backwash, fly the coop, racecourse, house, range, clash, step on it, level, heredity, scoot, black, cannonball along, dry wash, speed up, hunt down, man, going, go, culture, drop back, pelt along, kinfolk, enter, breed, operate, dressage, stimulate, charge, nation, match, guide, hunt, consort, turf, wake, canter, persist, sweepstakes, flow, move, festinate, deliver, dead heat, bound, striving, come in, make, kingdom, spurt, persuasion, lope, strain.

dawdle, linger, descent, birth, pedigree, origin, ancestry, extraction.

Examples of usage:

1) At all events, the assertion so early made in Scripture is confirmed in all the experience of the race. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) He was in good hands and was given over for good reasons, to one who hated my name and my race- and me. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I 'll give you fourteen to one, my Lord, just for the sake of a little interest in the race. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.