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Spell check of prove

Correct spelling: prove

hear, switch off, quiz, advance, fold, endorse, turf out, see, originate, sanction, try on, get, test, locate, experience, stress, come out, come on, put forward, elevate, eject, lift, cut, settle, set up, exclude, show up, arise, canvas, verify, fix, support, heighten, promote, launch, assay, rebel, upraise, invoke, substantiate, validate, seek, present, depose, upgrade, establish, levy, illustrate, uphold, canvass, boot out, enkindle, go through, suffer, convince, undergo, climb up, kindle, uprise, stir, authenticate, demo, render, betoken, find out, arouse, shake out, fall out, benchmark, ratify, bear witness, experiment, ascend, climb, try, affirm, recruit, spring up, institute, examine, elicit, manifest, bakery, record, produce, chuck out, poppyseed, back, surface, excavate, attempt, show, bear out, raise, attest, put up, feel, audit, farm, make, evoke, give, depict, sample, research, fire, adjudicate, state, conjure, spread out, have, adduce, nurture, dough, point to, fold up, pan out, turn off, probe, meet, instal, dig up, explain, knead, exhibit, audition, leavened, rise, designate, constitute, enhance, rear, strengthen, point, assert, lay down, kick upstairs, express, appear, become, strain, double-check, march, observe, take the stand, rise up, bring up, bear, build, go up, investigate, come up, judge, picture, erect, jump, testify, plant, witness, know, exemplify, found, look, confirm, try out, splay, certify, develop, determine, assure, crusty, study, participate, usher, form, corroborate, ground, come over, provoke, declare, shew, indicate, call forth, parent, evidence, stand up, warrant, install, register, be, call down, crust, sustain, turn out, move up, avouch, go, conjure up, get up, demonstrate, turn up, connote, document, read, resurrect, tell, base, analyse, leaven, bake, taste, mount, analyze, wax, vouch, essay, check, rotate, grow, evince, ascertain, screen.

confute, abrogate, suspect, conjecture, weaken, console, presume, unsettle, condole with, shake, refute, destroy, overthrow, guess, invalidate, annul, allege, upset, cancel, surmise, object, shatter, discredit, disprove, rebut, dispute, assume, challenge.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, if you are, you'll have a chance to prove it, but evidence is against you. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I can't see why he should try to prove it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Don't you see that what you say only goes to prove my husband right? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.