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Spell check of prostrate

Correct spelling: prostrate

matte, bushed, transmit, undermine, throw, affect, dull, played out, down-and-out, wiped out, lame, two-dimensional, low, savorless, slight, deaden, docile, weary, compressed, feeble, matted, effete, sprawled, rise, knackered, disable, run-down, enfeebled, offer up, communicate, prostrated, ground, stupefy, spreadeagled, insipid, overcome, plane, tired, idolatry, bring down, softened, engulf, cause, alleluia, spread, soft, vapid, dozy, fell, enfeeble, horizontal, savourless, magnify, flatten, weak, cramp, categorical, wearied, spent, drowsy, overpower, supine, scotch, done in, handicap, adoration, stun, wasted, flavorless, botch, beat, tamper, bow, hamper, hosanna, debilitated, paralyze, all in, unerect, limp, wimpy, decumbent, lying, unsubstantial, vitiate, down, recumbent, monotone, prone, infirm, hallelujah, languid, obedient, go around, monotonic, cripple, bow down, screw up, benumb, beaten, glory, impair, pass on, asthenic, worn-out, floor, subservient, abrogate, cut down, flat, aweary, crush, jaded, done, delicate, devotions, strike down, pooped, logy, open, exhausted, level, bland, overwhelm, matt, incapacitate, weakened, procumbent, frail, infect, sleepy, develop, weaken, tuckered, hamstring, carry, sap, flavourless, knock down, fatigued, enervated, dead, faint, bleary, burned-out, wimpish, categoric, monotonous, give, sapped, neutralize, drained, hobble, disarm, tapped out, genuflect, hinder, washed-out, anesthetize, unconditional, drop, worn, invalidate, deck, tender, mat.

hale, athletic, robust, supine, relaxed, able-bodied, convalescing, strapping, energized, recovering, hardened, mighty, tireless, weariless, rested, sturdy, capable, vigorous, sound, strengthened, erect, muscular, energetic, standing, raised, strong, revitalized, hard, upright, husky, upstanding, red-blooded, recuperating, unwearied, lusty, peppy, sinewy, vertical, rejuvenated, refreshed, fortified, vitalized, tough, hardy, rugged, invigorated, stalwart, brawny, fresh, toughened, beefy, inured, active, healthy, virile, powerful, fit, competent, stout.

Examples of usage:

1) They made room for him, and directly he was kneeling by the prostrate form. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Prostrate and motionless, she lay like a dead creature. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) But to pull a man even an inch is a difficult task even for the strongest girl, and after a moment's tug she was about to tell Jackson to alight while she stood at the horse's head, when suddenly the prostrate man staggered to his feet, and leaned against the brougham as if it had been specially built and brought there for that purpose. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.