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Spell check of present

Correct spelling: present

model, break, collapse, defend, pass, set up, in attendance, wassail, express, prevailing, submission, bring in, accession, aspect, certify, modern, discernible, evidence, ongoing, bodily, coeval, display, perplex, provide, make, deal, yield, catalyze, gratuity, bear, attending, empower, represent, advance, trot out, tender, in the flesh, play, record, preface, appear, be, throw, march, bequest, resign, encounter, founder, nowadays, art gallery, started, give, face, quid pro quo, symbolize, parade, modern-day, manifest, surprise, fork out, meet up, ration, expose, lay, insert, endowment, typify, afford, stick in, read, invite, set off, presence, come across, fall in, hand, have, dedicate, share, receive, bequeath, infix, cite, carrel, suffer, quote, residing, cashier's check, already, render, ease up, ubiquitous, innovate, allow, sacrifice, apply, audience, act, present-day, show, endue, position, improvise, bewilder, omnipresent, indue, designate, existing, yield up, consecrate, embodied, nonplus, pantomime, serve, inst, take, shew, flaunt, distribute, deport, testify, subsistent, create, contract, largess, assist, depict, counteroffer, present tense, edit out, bleep out, indicate, go down with, shown, constitute, form, quotation, auxiliary, drink, illustrate, sit, pass on, invitation, blank check, enclose, subject, pitch, posit, confer, red packet, contribute, move over, give up, redeem, disburse, range, salute, birth, arrange, cede, evince, hint, demonstrate, choreograph, here and now, being, attendance, inaugurate, today, stand for, usher in, put in, toast, stupefy, concession, convince, instant, chequebook, materialized, characterize, feed, bestowal, grant, make known, impart, accede, acquaint, introduce, open, offer, establish, the conditional, valentine, dramatize, picture, produce, come down with, flummox, allot, proved, displayed, prove, state, real, catch, intimate, now, past, attribute, lend, revealed, put forth, kick in, bestow, expend, come on, overture, freebie, vex, gravel, investiture, visible, copula, immediacy, immediate, help, give birth, bid, register, settlement, pose, generate, develop, turn over, devote, availability, care package, essential, front, afflict, embody, donation, benefaction, guest, describe, cash, profile, checkbook, infer, comprise, portray, tangible, materialize, get on, contemporary, bounty, put forward, ever-present, lay out, in, demonstrated, the active, unveil, issue, correspond, posture, shout out, card catalog, invest, get, pin down, touchable, interpret, usher, archivist, personate, perceivable, map, do, attest, perform, consign, gift, unmask, stick, appeared, approach, hand back, invent, attempt, just now, evidential, baffle, impersonate, mime, send, reconcile, point, endow, auxiliary verb, lavish, furnish, check stub, bring about, assign, put on, viewable, bookmobile, array, dispense, check card, save, familiarize, make up, in progress, incarnate, face up, subsisting, award, place, see, alive, set forth, the first person, edit, sponsor, ascribe, delineate, annals, fund, observable, occupying, reach, commit, submit, uncover, define, turn in, trigger, on the spot, imply, surrender, exemplify, relegate, offering, premise, existent, boon, demo, wheel out, bribe, defer, acknowledge, hold, exhibit, naturally occurring, bow, extradite, latter-day, meet, welcome, archive, largesse, limn, paint, invade, bear witness, leave, set, citation, rescue, corporeal, amaze, see in, fork over, near, confront, beat, part with, give in, bump into, manifested, inhabiting, drive home, concrete, fork up, stage, extend, symbolise, familiarise, start off, prompt, run into, reveal, puzzle, contemporaneous, inclose, contribution, extant, current, pay, look, dumbfound, hold up, hand over, dole, give way, put, cave in, anchor, deliver, bring out, set out, chip in, supply, flourish, here, time, greet, exhibited, bounce, pledge, return, mystify, shower, check, donate, over, burlesque, proffer, conjugation, ontological, show up, enter, begun, palpable, cheque, precede.

dated, archaic, delinquent, defunct, obsolete, old-time, retired, delayed, lost, past, belated, over, absent, finished, out-of-date, antiquated, awol, dead, outworn, wages, coming, ago, introuvable, out, remuneration, ended, future, completed, old-fashioned, earnings, done, passé, truant, late, old, ancient, former, demised, up, oldfangled, antique, through, overdue, concluded, bygone, tardy, guerdon, vanished, missing, departed, gone, away, fusty, musty, penalty, erstwhile, antediluvian, unborn, terminated, nonexistent, deceased, compensation.

Examples of usage:

1) That done, Prudence turned to the present. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) It may be that this Smain, of whom you speak, is not at present at the prophet's side. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) Do you know where you are at present? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.