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Spell check of practice

Correct spelling: practice

convention, deportment, consecrate, interest, normal, work out, behavior, put on, do, perpetrate, make out, enterprise, retailing, calling, specialty, utilisation, experience, go for, habituate, trade, management, procedure, endeavor, venture, commission, negotiation, sophistication, position, pattern, practise, study, guise, harmonize, drill, exploit, perform, rule, industry, bore, affair, company, exercising, proficiency, system, tactics, shape, sing, recital, trust, comportment, recitation, physical exertion, business, market, effect, habitude, work, get along, utilization, method, radiation pattern, concern, actuate, coif, act, jam, establishment, pursue, fashion, career, rehearsal, institutionalize, employment, iteration, situation, exercise, lend oneself, motion, dress, livelihood, give, reading, commerce, occupation, action, manner, consortium, gig, clientele, place, service, pull, figure, set, mode, come, design, coiffure, hold, ritual, serenade, merchant, utility, bearing, tradition, execute, background, rehearse, station, put, repetition, expend, conduct, example, utilize, competence, wit, charge, traffic pattern, dry run, activity, assignment, use, cause, send, custom, enforce, transaction, utilise, make, corporation, savoir-faire, confide, entrust, dedicate, partnership, praxis, implement, coiffe, job, vocation, apply, second nature, countenance, blueprint, employ, operation, commit, intrust, usage, suffice, effort, preparation, barter, selling, air, exert, trick, trial, devote, radiation diagram, posting, habit, course session, firm, discipline, institutionalise, application, play, physical exercise, movement, wisdom, comport, manage, behave, formula, used, solo, serve, arrange, performance, approach pattern, holding, proceed, function, training, form, proprietorship, practice session, exchange, workout, exertion, fare, demeanor, answer, routine, operate, labor, invest, deed, deport, way, class period, wont, carriage, profession, train.

Examples of usage:

1) You'll have to go to that old basketball practice. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) The only way to lay down a course and read it is by practice. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) " You 'll find the practice will reward you," said Repton. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.