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Spell check of potent

Correct spelling: potent

solid, rigid, ardent, efficacious, effectual, sloshed, earnest, broad-spectrum, zestful, mettlesome, excited, vulgar, unassailable, supreme, animated, squiffy, active, cockeyed, manly, sprightly, significant, full-blooded, animal, impassioned, spunky, unshakable, snappy, muscular, combination, agitated, unfaltering, tough, warm, masterful, sturdy, blotto, sozzled, competent, peppy, dominant, industrious, enthusiastic, important, frisky, consequential, zippy, stiff, manful, stout, antenatal, steady, imperious, formidable, fruitful, inviolable, aseptic, heavy-duty, vivacious, prolific, emphatic, energetic, useful, vigorous, steadfast, multipotent, heady, powerful, authoritative, sinewy, virile, intimate, spirited, firm, autocratic, persuasive, controlling, commanding, eager, plastered, wet, puissant, hearty, high-powered, manlike, great, dictatorial, stable, husky, substantial, knock-down, romantic, robust, loaded, driven, soaked, unbendable, mighty, full, influential, clinical, arrogant, pie-eyed, unwavering, heavy, pixilated, unattackable, burning, lively, herculean, starchy, fervent, smashed, impregnable, impressive, strenuous, antibacterial, ablaze, effective, antimalarial, amorous, soused, sensual, passionate, indecent, big, bionic, effervescent, obscene, besotted, exuberant, fervid, afire, clear, suggestive, rich, male, brawny, productive, operative, fuddled, equipotent, crocked, strong, authoritarian, hard, cogent, zealous, hefty, slopped, forceful, plush, fiery, secure, blind drunk, efficient, lusty, vital, concentrated, tight, buckram, bloodless.

hollow, delicate, infirm, unimportant, inept, mild, futile, unable, unskillful, inexperienced, unavailing, flimsy, anonymous, nameless, impotent, inoperative, unskilled, thinned, diluted, pointless, impuissant, powerless, idle, frail, helpless, bootless, dilute, ineffective, useless, unfruitful, unproductive, unfit, vain, incapable, uninfluential, inefficient, little, weak, light, insignificant, incompetent, thin, unknown, empty, worthless, unqualified, obscure, abortive, unseasoned, inexpert, unsuccessful, ineffectual, feeble, watery, counterproductive, watered-down, weakened, uncelebrated, fruitless, unprofitable.

Examples of usage:

1) You cannot imagine how potent it was. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) Yet the painter, after all, has been more potent than the King. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) This subtle, potent influence of having lots of friends to help you by their actions and showing their hearts is a great blessing. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.