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Spell check of ply

Correct spelling: ply

hunt, bunk, kiss, lam, brush, partisanship, execute, bias, black market, bring home the bacon, tendency, move, take to the woods, append, favor, run away, endure, rub, lean, file, add, put up, aboard, book on, head for the hills, run for, extend, twiddle, work, provide, cater, afloat, supply, feel, inclination, lead, chip away, chop, paw, parti pris, pleat, melt, pass, prevail, crease, allow, one-sidedness, card, tendentiousness, leave, scat, draw, unravel, drill, tend, die hard, feed, bus, hightail it, course, render, campaign, thickness, range, overlay, finger, guide, graze, touch, bookable, layer, issue, consort, run, hunt down, partiality, booking office, incline, chase, break away, order, manipulate, prejudice, palm, go, fold, offer, fly the coop, bleed, operate, crimp, booking, function, flow, scarper, chisel, arr., turn tail, palpate, escape, race, furnish, be given, melt down, play, carry, ruck, bent, persist, contact, caress, flail, allow for, board, double, skim, ladder, smooth, aisle seat, cut, track down, nonobjectivity.

distaste, neutrality, impartiality, indifference, dispassion, aversion, hate, objectivity, detachment, scunner, open-mindedness, calm, dislike.

Examples of usage:

1) Her new acquaintances answered with emphasis that it was certainly a great game, and, the ice now broken, they began to ply their new acquaintance with questions. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) A call to surrender was answered by a shout of defiance, and the Malays began to manfully ply their oars; but a volley from the soldiers' pieces seemed to quell their ardour and to cause confusion, in the midst of which the English boat dashed alongside, and Hilton, Chumbley, the Resident, and a score of the soldiers poured over the side, driving the spear- armed crew below, the Rajah going down from a cut over the forehead from the Resident's sword. - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.