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Spell check of plunge

Correct spelling: plunge

sop, bend, imbibe, scoot, eat up, angle of dip, fall, stumble, decline, put out, scamper, gallop, plump, landing, clump, outpace, immerge, hurry, dunk, dwindle, put in, heel, coldcock, reduction, endure, slope, ascend, decrease, branch off, forge, dash, lunge, cutback, douse, set in motion, soak up, dim, founder, leap, sink, trot, take in, bathe, stab, clunk, trip, go down, dig, speed, launch, clop, breaststroke, flump, scramble, dump, sop up, assimilate, occupy, skid, down, take over, steep, spill, drop, come down, comedown, race, ingest, lope, incur, thrust, rise, decompression, bifurcate, wade in, absorb, pluck, back up, soak, dock, deepen, inclination, submerge, clog, diminish, establish, shrink, cesspit, collapse, blockage, downspout, engross, pitch, plummet, duck, wallow, slump, connect, jog, drive, flood, bathing, deck, fall down, floor, crater, set up, infuse, charge, plank, draw, drown, inundate, rush, cutpurse, cast off, capsize, divide, dip, drench, hydroplane, shorten, dowse, move, dart, nose-dive, surge, cut, run, go about, conduit, carry, end, magnetic dip, immerse, inebriate, ram, suffer, undergo, fly, plop, plunk, extend, crawl, hasten, lower, hit it up, suck up, engage, backstroke, slip, cutoff, bound, airlock, souse, pickpocket, tumble, swallow up, nosedive, plonk, topple, settle, ground, enter, come under, increase, depress, go through, knock down, descend, plump down, heave to, sprint, culvert, found, swoop, dive, bury, diverge, take up, cannonball, canter, descent, pick, tear, shrinkage, free fall, underprice, ditch, magnetic inclination, grade, engulf, stick, pratfall, plunk down, slide, come about, belly flop, scurry.

climb, progress, jump, leap, upturn, betterment, headway, soaring, progression, improvement, rising, advance, ascent, rise, upswing.

Examples of usage:

1) Some rolled round and disappeared beneath those that crept upon them, but for a moment or two the shattered trunk, jammed down by the weight upon it, held them back from the plunge into the rapid. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) He felt that he would, had it been possible, gladly have exchanged this dreadful plunge for a beating from his father. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) He could hear it quite distinctly, a distant, half- determined movement that seemed so vast in its roll and plunge, so sharp in the shock with which it met the shore, and yet so subdued that it might be many thousands of miles away. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.