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Spell check of pleasant

Correct spelling: pleasant

genteel, concordant, good-natured, co-operative, nice, good, amusing, welcome, sparkling, affable, luscious, assenting, sweet, jaunty, civilized, delightful, pretty, friendly, balmy, melodious, adequate, joyous, cheering, pastoral, winsome, optimistic, felicitous, excellent, sullen, good-tempered, beneficial, blessed, polite, comforting, cheery, ambrosial, consensual, worthy, exemplary, droll, cordial, lovely, happy, lovable, diplomatic, satisfying, worthwhile, cheerful, laudable, genial, fair, delectable, delightsome, all right, kind, soft, glad, obliging, charming, agreeable, pleasing, kindly, grateful, benignant, gentle, empathetic, acceptable, good-humored, humorous, topnotch, festive, capitulating, temperate, colorful, convivial, delicious, palatable, mellow, harmonious, attitude, bland, satisfactory, entertaining, bonny, sympathetic, praiseworthy, willing, disagreeable, catchy, ecstatic, jolly, exciting, pleased, buoyant, enjoyable, winning, well-disposed, blissful, harming, diverting, mild, compatible, amiable, savory, gratifying, splendid, easygoing, benign, urbane, unpleasant, joyful, tasty, merry, fine, social, enchanting, pain, light, jovial, bright, unobjectionable, five-star, first-rate, congenial, like, acquiescent, engaging, fun, lighthearted, favorable, understanding, sunny, refreshing, gracious, comfortable, exhilarating, heavenly, dreamy, dulcet, civil, complaisant, pleasurable, loving, beautiful, darling, unsympathetic, spirited, idyllic, commendable, sociable, enlivening, lively, likeable, mellifluous, attractive, admirable, euphoric, warm.

morose, exasperating, offensive, caustic, pleasureless, heartbreaking, lamentable, stale, churlish, enraging, deplorable, hot, irritable, petulant, incensing, unmannerly, irascible, unlovely, rankling, lugubrious, grouchy, heartrending, nasty, harsh, inconsiderate, detestable, irritating, quick-tempered, forbidding, crabby, surly, unhappy, ill-mannered, ill-natured, abhorrent, hateful, crusty, contrary, lachrymose, sharp-worded, wretched, impolite, inflaming, sullen, dreary, infuriating, sorrowful, contentious, mortifying, irksome, unpalatable, discourteous, blistering, mournful, horrid, dreadful, outraging, repellant, abominable, dismal, rebarbative, insipid, acerbic, acrid, sore, tedious, tragic, sulfurous, ungracious, dogged, depressing, doleful, disturbing, bearish, bilious, disheartening, cantankerous, vexing, bitter, regrettable, crabbed, dissatisfying, peeving, snappish, painful, grim, joyless, dyspeptic, boorish, repugnant, unwelcome, ungenial, uncivil, unattractive, gloomy, querulous, flat, aggravating, cruel, acid, sad, disagreeable, embarrassing, testy, unkind, afflictive, dolorous, tart, argumentative, hostile, displeasing, repellent, upsetting, obnoxious, vile, intimidating, disgusting, unsociable, unsavory, unappealing, peevish, annoying, perturbing, gruff, sour, virulent, vinegary, dour, ungrateful, commonplace, hellish, dull, unpleasant, touchy, grumpy, maddening, sharp, choleric, rude, distressing, awful, god-awful, riling, vitriolic, ill-humored, angering, distasteful, miserable, ghastly, fussy, unamiable, yucky, sulphurous, rough, ornery, acerb, acrimonious, cranky, boring, repulsive, ill-tempered, revulsive, beastly, odious.

Examples of usage:

1) But now will I do for you pleasant things, because I can move to do them on these, where before I must always sit still- still- Ah, how that is hard to do! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Is much to do that is very pleasant. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) " I do hope you will have a pleasant trip," she said,- and what it cost her to speak so easily and naturally, only she could have told,-" and thank you for giving me the weeks here to get ready. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.