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Spell check of play

Correct spelling: play

happen, turn tail, diarrhoea, present, shoot, behave, exhibition, profligacy, amusement, control, go, frivol, fetch, smash, roleplay, constitute, walkover, campaign, tend, swindle, dissemble, fun, puzzle out, fill, scarper, ferment, receive, blast, routine, device, twiddle, jest, gyp, chance, playing period, take on, make for, drama, child's play, butterfly, command, bunk, contact, duck soup, mold, crop, flow, draw, repair, mimic, calculate, gip, bathe, admit, blowout, make, conjure, add, ladder, duel, exercise, scheme, bring, institute, extend, articulation, antic, costar, pastime, animate, course, plasticity, sportsman, giggle, race, carry, epic, run across, range, black market, putter, meet, draft in, malleability, tour, fit, wile, land, stimulation, gamble, bit, prank, contribute, work out, visit, devilment, accompany, commissioner, work, childishness, philander, fly the coop, dally, sour, summercater, defend, dramatization, put to work, humor, trick, adaptation, get together, entertainment, burlesque, sleight, frolicking, chip, goldbrick, hightail it, masquerade, emcee, figure out, reflect, lend, persist, frivolity, lead, correspond, resilience, take over, sport, beat out, turn of events, represent, bump, bleed, incline, spiel, dissipation, free rein, put-on, swordplay, count, inflict, make-believe, take up, tryout, mash, frolic, understudy, assemble, monkey, diddle, interpret, form, game, con, cheer, athletics, dawdle, twist, dramatic play, over, bunco, solo, flirt, victimize, detective, influence, fidget, ball, show, distraction, movement, atmospherics, breeze, wager, melt, shoo-in, reanimate, defraud, take to the woods, send up, hilarity, tactic, operate, gimmick, engage, go on, converge, hobby, levity, solve, bang out, licentiousness, quicken, do work, take, waver, try for, usage, shenanigan, recreation, activity, hunt, rook, symbolise, gig, cinch, map, knock, performing arts, call up, knack, pliability, straight, pantomime, fulfil, turn, prevail, give, nobble, go along, execute, maneuver, flimflam, manipulate, be, cultivate, exemplify, face, catch, laugher, baton, dictation, ride, tamper, flash, assume, application, anecdote, mould, mutation, playfulness, tomboy, run, caper, exploit, forgather, turning, jocularity, recreate, wanton, hornswoggle, variation, employment, strike at, contest, artifice, star, fiddle, flick, gambling, dramatic event, juggle, cock-and-bull story, typify, render, run for, harmonize, entertain, cross, black comedy, actuate, mime, performance, hearten, lam, fling, break away, comprise, toy, try, evasive action, gambol, short-change, make up, capriole, stand for, sportiveness, lay out, shimmer, imitate, bout, tonic, picnic, flood, musical, pass, overact, impersonate, act as, ad-lib, coquet, crook, adopt, looseness, manoeuvre, tackle, impose, suffer, play-act, perform, tactical manoeuvre, do, scat, refreshment, process, runaway, extemporize, impart, whimsicality, pose as, captain, joke, action, gambit, dribble, looseness of the bowels, coax, move, vivify, celebration, blast away, enact, pretend, bid, bet, dive, pushover, substitute, touch, act, convey, happiness, tactical maneuver, misbehave, find, ply, coquette, hunt down, get, playact, stage, act upon, shirk, classic, unravel, characterize, gaming, die hard, wreak, act up, shape, sportswoman, diarrhea, stratagem, dramatize, tactics, tinker, dissolution, be given, pleasure, lean, improvise, lick, piddle, piece, revivify, portray, practice, good turn, bring in, bestow, parody, undertake, bench, foregather, lay, dalliance, backhand, feed, accept, satisfy, ape, disport, melt down, run into, chat up, escape, choreograph, acquire, grow into, sing, amuse, kick, conform to, forge, comedy, participate, gaieties, function, jam, romp, relaxation, guide, fun and games, captaincy, endure, simulated military operation, adjoin, embolden, working, cope with, merriment, suppleness, jig, filter, depend, focus, snap, operation, hook, shrink from, energize, reckon, bidding, imitation, head for the hills, knead, fulfill, period of play, unreal, grow out of, dodge, mutant, revive, theatrical, court, romance, back, number, bend, flexibility, arrange, round, gather, double for, allegory, rollicking, draft, track down, ploy, trifle, mulct, wanton away, scam, corner, stretch, tender, consort, see, jolliness, run away, piece of cake, look, renovate, debut, work on, hoyden, come across, symbolize, enjoyment, piddle away, walkaway, serenade, divertissement, activate, fool, crank, job, willing, sponginess, fade, delivery, spell, enter, encounter, appear, eject, diversion, match.

earnestness, disuse, earnest, responsibility, labor, obligation, work, drudgery, tightness, tautness, sobriety, gravity, duty, soberness, solemnity, nonuse, seriousness.

Examples of usage:

1) Play out your little comedy. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Do you play basketball? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Wait until you see her play basketball. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.