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Spell check of peewee

Correct spelling: peewee

prawn, mite, big, half-pint, shrimp, wood pewee, pewit, Lilliputian, blackcap, in hand, teensy-weensy, scrub, pewit gull, all-American, diminutive, Pygmy, midget, club, pintsized, ballplayer, zero-sum game, miniature, teeny, peewit, blue, return, contact sport, green plover, friendly, lapwing, pewee, tiny, support, pintsize, away, center, weeny, center forward, Contopus Virens, back, teensy, extreme sport, minute, boy, dwarf, game, teeny-weeny, conference, sports, Tom Thumb, minuscule, backfield, runt, laughing gull.

giant, whopper, whale, mammoth, colossus, leviathan, jumbo, behemoth, titan, monster.

Examples of usage:

1) Those of a peewee would scarcely do for me; I'd need the wings of an eagle to get me anywhere, and anyway it wasn't the wings of a bird I was to take, it was the wings of morning. - "A Daughter of the Land", Gene Stratton-Porter.