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Spell check of pedestrian

Correct spelling: pedestrian

hiking, lifeless, dull, everyday, routine, colorless, Walker, straggler, weary, footer, numbing, jading, excite, ponderous, flat, aseptic, ordinary, uninteresting, sterile, walking, unremarkable, matter-of-fact, drab, heavy, unexceptional, mind-numbing, unglamorous, passer-by, normal, ho-hum, prosaic, unglamourous, jejune, arid, humdrum, spiritless, leaden, rambler, mundane, hiker, slow, wearying, tiresome, tedious, dusty, stale, lackluster, flavorless, baby-walker, stroller, wearisome, footnote, nondescript, lusterless, unimaginative, standard, earthbound, dreary, uninspired, commonplace, monotonous, drudging, go-cart, old, tiring, tame, prosy, stuffy, wanderer, stodgy, monochromatic, dry, wayfarer.

captivating, amazing, intriguing, sensational, hair-raising, absorbing, astounding, provocative, attractive, eye-opening, diverting, entertaining, spectacular, wondrous, inspiring, rousing, arresting, thrilling, marvelous, rip-roaring, awesome, enthralling, attracting, moving, exhilarating, riveting, interesting, charming, surprising, energizing, suspenseful, fascinating, fabulous, stirring, enlivening, entrancing, involving, tantalizing, gripping, galvanizing, bewitching, wonderful, spellbinding, electrifying, invigorating, engrossing, mesmerizing, animating, breathtaking, stimulating, amusing, engaging, alluring, enchanting, touching, exciting, beguiling, astonishing, poignant.

Examples of usage:

1) Presently he overtook a pedestrian, but he passed him without a sidelong glance. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) The pedestrian fought on for some time, but at last, as he stumbled over one of the gnarled roots which a grand chestnut had thrust up through the ground, he stopped and, looking round, shook his head. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) Once while on a pedestrian journey in Austria he neglected to carry his passport, and was arrested as a spy. - "Makers of Modern Medicine", James J. Walsh.