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Spell check of pay

Correct spelling: pay

pass, hold, manufacture, conciliate, cede, allowance, square, expense, founder, dole, pay back, remit, recompense, fork out, requital, knuckle under, satisfaction, cave in, feed, birth, performance-related pay, take over, donate, give, reparation, share, assist, meed, ease up, commercialism, liquidate, collapse, remittance, indemnify, endow, accept, kick in, establish, pay out, come in handy, contribute, impart, chip in, reckoning, extend, generate, commercial, overpaid, ascribe, correct, right, lure, turn out, succumb, stipend, forgiveness, furnish, reconcile, represent, deliver, buckle under, disburse, bequeath, supply, return, put up, induce, apply, tip, employed, redeem, ration, expend, compensation, consecrate, net, payment, net profit, shell out, hire, gross, sacrifice, income, forgive, serve, profits, cover, carry, suffer, help, shower, wear, assign, starvation wages, turn over, pass on, throw, catch up with, assume, stand, offer, emolument, bestow, digest, rise, redress, even off, treat, grant, move over, pay envelope, incur, abide, conduct, fabricate, repair, send, stomach, interest, tempt, undergo, proceeds, give way, fee, commission, expect, tender, wreak, disbursement, produce, render, behave, cook up, fund, compensate, consideration, clear, remuneration, lucre, soften, allot, refund, patch up, commit, draw, concede, get even with, minimum wage, rake-off, wage, settlement, gestate, finance, stick out, liquidation, make up, be, perquisite, pledge, profitability, save, amortize, wages, get, overcompensate, leave, give in, even up, salary, honorarium, lavish, sweeten, paycheck, constitute, profit, consign, living, get back at, earnings, entice, have a bun in the oven, go through, comprise, provide, packet, remunerate, retribute, fix, afford, devote, acquit, honor, invest in, come under, break, attribute, gift, endure, contain, brook, avenge, lend, low-paid, arbitrage, reimbursement, requite, satisfy, speculative, default, award, indemnity, money, even out, discharge, repay, gain, fall in, have, dispense, speculation, dedicate, tolerate, vindicate, allow, reward, overpay, buy off, counterbalance, outlay, paid, invent, spend, hand, bankroll, bring in, give birth, realize, boom, net income, compound, settle, time, earn, lay out, make, reach, yield, ante up, earnings-related, comport, submit, per diem, deport, bear, present, open, relent, reimburse, hourly, support, pay off, pay up.

default, default on.

Examples of usage:

1) And made me pay out twenty- five cents, too, to come in the fair after you! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) But I suppose you'll pay some visits first. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) His wife couldn't pay. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.