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Spell check of pattern

Correct spelling: pattern

orderliness, conventionalism, var., organization, mirror, linguistic rule, pose, digit, lockstep, embodiment, radiation diagram, excogitation, plan, phase, conventionality, sit, exemplification, grade, mould, order, ruler, standard, getup, trick, ensample, custom, aim, configuration, precursor, innovation, human body, manikin, design, designing, invention, posture, normal, ideal, treadmill, precedent, conformation, figure, grind, makeup, name, chemical formula, figure of speech, cast, device, contour, formula, traffic pattern, regulation, way, approach pattern, physical body, blueprint, trim, form, number, practice session, wont, format, warning, specimen, material body, second nature, condition, groove, physique, rut, variant, build, motive, mock up, good, beau ideal, decoration, sample, expression, forerunner, variety, rule, class, course, yardstick, model, part, mold, archetype, recitation, arrangement, ritual, praxis, layout, habitude, word form, example, ordonnance, intent, trope, prescript, genotype, radiation pattern, recipe, systemization, prototype, fig, mannequin, anatomy, flesh, fashion, surface, principle, drill, method, systematization, simulate, rote, kind, purpose, chassis, mannikin, manakin, intention, convening, constellation, bod, norm, ornament, bench mark, original, exercise, public figure, conception, paradigm, image, signifier, system, guide, dominion, type, strain, exemplar, convention, practice, soma, frame, descriptor, motif, shape, sort.

Examples of usage:

1) Houses of a pattern barely familiar to the people occasionally floated past the town in the current, and in one of them rode a man who refused to leave his property when the relief boats put off to him; for he said that he came from hundreds of miles above, and that since the world seemed to be turning into water, he preferred his strange craft to the crumbling hills. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) " I have also considered this point," he said, striking with his whip the many coloured pattern of the carpet. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Of course, farm children attended school, but they also shared the pattern of their parents' life. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.