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Spell check of pastiche

Correct spelling: pastiche

salmagundi, crazy quilt, representation, approximate, metaphor, idol, grab bag, scramble, gallimaufry, silhouette, photograph, rendering, agglomerate, macédoine, portrayal, agglomeration, muddle, approximation, statue, ragbag, ragout, miniature, motley, mishmash, montage, analogous, olio, menagerie, effigy, mélange, snapshot, collage, carving, miscellany, welter, depiction, rummage, representative, jumble, assortment, impression, replica, likeness, graphic, aping, cast, portrayed, variety, illustrative, facsimile, hotchpotch, alphabet soup, illustration, tumble, medley, botch, mixed bag, farrago, hash, figurine, jambalaya, bust, rendered, patchwork quilt, miscellanea, imitation, hodgepodge, olla podrida, picture, patchwork, drawing, clutter, potpourri, salad, shuffle, image, model, copy, gumbo, smorgasbord, cartoon, omnium-gatherum, jungle, litter, duplication, mixture, metaphorical, stew, outline, analogy.

Examples of usage:

1) It is unequal, rather tedious in parts, and in conception merely a pastiche of Lucian and Fontenelle: but it contains some remarkable things in the way of shrewd satirical observation of human nature. - "The English Novel", George Saintsbury.

2) It is, though by no means a mere " plagiarism," an obvious and avowed imitation of Fielding, and the writer is so intent on his pastiche that he seems quite oblivious himself, and appears to expect equal oblivion on the part of his readers, of the fact that nearly two generations had passed. - "The English Novel", George Saintsbury.

3) He has tried to do this in The Dark Forest, but this is so close a pastiche of Russian novels that it cannot stand for Mr Walpole's emancipation. - "A Novelist on Novels", W. L. George.