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Spell check of particular

Correct spelling: particular

provident, temperamental, accompaniment, circumstantial, dissimilar, qualmish, pernickety, elaborate, point, grouchy, conscientious, flawless, picky, keynote, peculiar, word, news, moody, fussy, sole, various, feature, singular, express, diverse, event, Epicurean, uncommon, occurrence, irritable, detailed, single, demanding, literal, selective, circumstance, special, distinct, individualized, precise, contingent, separate, watchful, entire, dainty, guarded, appropriate, concomitant, discrete, private, delicate, exceptional, alternative, only, heedful, position, individual, ready, perspicacious, definite, set, prudish, thoughtful, individually, hallmark, distinguishing, limited, especial, unique, mindful, contrasting, specific, data, scrupulous, bad-tempered, minute, rigorous, characteristic, perfectly, remarkable, choosy, include, hot-tempered, especially, pure, fractious, observant, datum, specifically, fussbudgety, detail, specialized, old-maidish, prepared, particularized, conflicting, persnickety, particularly, personal, cautious, quirky, strict, unusual, fastidious, idiomatic, irascible, responsible, critical, odd, vigilant, one, proper, divergent, absolute, completely, exactly, complete, grumpy, finicking, idiosyncratic, per se, literally, prudent, severe, cross, lone, subjective, mincing, different, sensitive, solitary, methodical, findings, token, meticulous, alert, crabby, correct, careful, given, touchy, busy, crabbed, short-tempered, extra, item, discerning, report, full, prim, particular proposition, altogether, blow-by-blow, punctilious, priggish, information, patented, finicky, sharp-eyed, thorough, ill-tempered, accurate, nice, regardful, incident, finical, A to Z, situation, personalized, primary, discriminating, unlike, squeamish, accept, exacting, diligent, hypercritical, privy, attentive, fact.

curtailed, broad, carefree, popular, flexible, lackadaisical, concise, lax, trimmed, common, lenient, shared, abbreviated, cut, abridged, short, secondary, succinct, permissive, uncritical, regular, low-pressure, bird's-eye, public, undiscriminating, laid-back, relaxed, prevailing, ambiguous, pruned, unspecified, universal, normal, vague, shortened, breezy, undemanding, nebulous, unselective, crisp, indiscriminate, overall, indeterminate, careless, loose, typical, compendious, happy-go-lucky, nondescript, brief, pithy, terse, generic, affable, general, unfastidious, indiscriminating, compact, widespread, nonspecific, prevalent, devil-may-care, sketchy, summary.

Examples of usage:

1) What was there about this particular break to make it the hat of Peter Junior? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) They keep on doing that all the time; they always will, in whatever particular way they do it. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) He wasn't talkin' to anybody in particular- just easin' himself. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.