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Spell check of pack

Correct spelling: pack

obstruct, have, dozen, tintinnabulation, club, bottled, truckload, matchbook, covey, crowd, bag, briar, collection, dead heat, sight, expect, gear, take away, come, baggage, cigar, take, peck, ingest, litter, relative majority, sway, bait, persuade, ring, remove, plentitude, big game, heap, ciggy, dribble, the Cub Scouts, cram, cantonment, compress, cluster, party, subscribe, annulus, channel, blood sports, caucus, world, cane, roll up, jacket, bivouac, capture, pick out, jampack, halo, flatten, insulate, brigade, study, case, accompanied baggage, bite, gaggle, fold, false start, embed, impart, syndicate, get hold of, Girl Scout, face pack, carpetbag, printed matter, hive, boatload, school, detachment, good deal, regiment, phalanx, reams, post, family, constellation, inner circle, look at, much, aggregation, make, motorcade, nest, select, cover, division, involve, throng, plenitude, Boy Scout, car pool, force, squeeze, take on, clique, Brownie, corset, colony, deuce, stockpile, clump, galère, bring, sheaf, volume, postulate, camp, call for, crime syndicate, swarm, use up, transport, bunch, chock up, large number, train, fill, take up, diamond, plenty, bevy, abundance, hatch, contract, have a bun in the oven, plaster, guide, bale, engage, convey, center, strike, array, lead, number, staff, mess, assortment, bucket, scrunch, press, plurality, interline, deck, host, admit, plateful, fight, slew, deal, flight, line, constrict, kit, dash, carry, obturate, baton, league, raft, faction, cell, ask, summer camp, charter, society, complement, assemblage, freeze, bury, passel, fleet, express, falsify, herd, stuff, mountain, briefcase, cotton ball, cigarette, fellowship, hoop, company, ringing, bed, deport, network, compact, read, carryall, hundred, homogenize, sect, body, the Brownies, cure, concourse, lease, cheat, crate, acquit, band, jack, set, pile, tamp, rewrite, can, clan, outfit, barrel, scads, face card, entomb, fistful, withdraw, bandage, circle, dehydration, bunch up, big, string, lot, quantity, coven, transmit, choose, inlay, occlude, matchbox, drive, knapsack, ton, equipment, choke, yard, cheroot, junta, fire off, jam, closed chain, encampment, block, direct, get, require, load down, battery, house of cards, practice bundling, need, platoon, box, doughnut, stock, pad, coalition, multiplicity, spate, flock, ahead, work party, people, packsack, bubble wrap, Eagle Scout, store, papers, traffic, brood, necessitate, coterie, busload, carload, take in, sponge, troupe, lashings, army, power, rub, blister pack, braces, hustle, saturate, subscribe to, take aim, collar, package, paperwork, conduct, age group, cabin baggage, bum bag, tamp down, close up, myriad, ingroup, battalion, drop back, chunk, pack together, tribe, heart, arsenal, card, ephemera, convoy, cabal, chew, open up, packet, cast, anchor ring, brace, ace, bear, team, wealth, profusion, multitude, material, flotilla, posse, film, batch, exact, claim, assume, discharge, parcel, correspondence, contain, basketful, shipload, learn, dressing, kit bag, dehydrate, occupy, potful, ram, mob, gobs, gestate, crush, union, mass, Band-Aid, retinue, masses, cotton, bundle, jamboree, backpack, community, rabble, angling, boxed, drove, demand, comport, fraternity, hoi polloi, hire, face, application, load, clock, fire, gang, behave, cigarette paper, cadre, assembly, Cub Scout, extend, crew, rout, den, copy, bank, adopt, troop, den mother, bundle up, group, acquire, documentation, squad, wing, shoot, bushel, pack in, rent, dry, hold, burden, bottle, rucksack, nip, agglomeration, loads, aim, attache case, carton, run, grind, fake, impede, refugee camp, submit, irradiate, accept, stack, consider, let off, consume, oodles, come in, depress, detail, flash-freeze, wad.

handful, skimpiness, particle, ace, bit, strain, scantiness, dab, tad, flyspeck, grain, modicum, dearth, trace, granule, sprinkling, morsel, dash, driblet, drop, scarceness, pinch, scintilla, nip, individualist, mote, mouthful, paucity, undersupply, lack, jot, deficiency, atom, shred, absence, famine, dram, insufficiency, shortage, loner, ounce, piece, scrap, nubbin, scruple, hint, dot, peanuts, mite, taste, crumb, sprinkle, little, molecule, fleck, whit, unpack, smidgen, streak, pittance, spot, shot, suspicion, iota, fragment, shade, touch, speck, smatter, shadow, section, tittle, inadequacy, portion, take out, glimmer, poverty, ray, scantness, meagerness, lick, deficit, smattering, want, scarcity.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, I'll pack him home and do for him there. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Any one I don't want here I pack off down the trail. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It would take an hour to pack up. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.