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Spell check of overhaul

Correct spelling: overhaul

glide by, divine service, reconstitute, snuff it, legislate, die, revive, adjustment, pass off, pass on, devolve, slide by, go, exit, overcome, hap, croak, elapse, pass, approach, fall out, occur, convert, do up, heel, fade, put across, pass away, recondition, fleet, transformation, spend, reform, correction, pass by, fix up, take place, renew, overwhelm, modernise, go along, reach, refit, serve, help, revamp, overpower, alter, clear, redevelopment, hand, develop, kick the bucket, military service, egest, avail, revise, renovate, guide, go past, religious service, expire, extend, come about, go through, conk, evolution, trend, sink, go on, maintain, doctor, overstep, turn over, fix, turn into, lapse, repair, cash in one's chips, cure, refurbishment, heal, right, inspection and repair, sweep over, reconstruct, effect, perish, surpass, change, decease, darn, rehabilitate, drop dead, modify, serving, maintenance, catch up, do-it-yourself, exceed, catch, renovation, service of process, restore, travel by, renewal, happen, return, fall, authorize, overtake, lead, transcend, evanesce, patch, choke, blow over, make it, rejuvenate, modernize, pop off, improve, top, go across, housecleaning, shakeup, give-up the ghost, make pass, alteration, slip away, draw, shake-up, authorise, vary, restoration, catch up with, running repair, transform, make into, excrete, whelm, armed service, communicate, give, eliminate, service, buy the farm, run, reverse, servicing, go by, table service, mend, slip by.

fall short.

Examples of usage:

1) " Make it a crown, ma'am, and I'll overhaul her," he hiccupped. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

2) She moved away, giving her husband a warning not to leave his perch, and went barwards to overhaul her receipts.... - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) One evening after the boy had been put to bed she went down into the nurses' parlour and helped Dot and Nurse Chalmers to overhaul the blouses in which the doctors operated. - "The Story of Louie", Oliver Onions.