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Spell check of orderly

Correct spelling: orderly

trim, trig, serenely, peacefully, refined, calm, neat, tidy, crisp, reposeful, kempt, friendly, spruce, groomed, pure, picked up, submissive, snug, tidied, great, serene, quiescent, full-strength, groovy, pacifically, natty, law-abiding, neatly, formal, purely, regular, unsoiled, peaceful, methodically, quietly, bang-up, methodic, logical, bully, cracking, systematized, slap-up, hospital attendant, dandy, idyllic, prim, resting, well-mannered, nonviolent, smashing, well-behaved, dapper, methodical, nonrandom, steadily, immaculate, shipshape, sanitary, precise, fastidiously, inaccurate, pacific, fastidious, placid, unsullied, placidly, harmoniously, nice, tasteful, systematically, stainless, ordered, businesslike, unstained, symmetrically, systematic, smug, lawful, careful, untroubled, uncluttered, spotless, calmly, tranquilly, corking, uncontaminated, tranquil, restrained, consistently, antiseptic, swell, well-groomed, organized, correct, regularly, efficiently, reposefully, tight, halcyon, cleanly, keen, clean, rule-governed, ability, bandbox, quiet, taut, irregular, immaculately, neutral, consistent, spick-and-span, hygienic, nifty, uniformly, regulated, coherent, peachy, systematical, sterile, exact, thorough, pastoral, order, straight, not bad.

hit-or-miss, frowsy, seedy, bare-knuckled, robustious, rumbustious, unordered, unkempt, rumpled, dowdy, rambunctious, squalid, moblike, scruffy, negligent, unruly, bare-knuckle, untidy, tousled, mussed, nasty, systemless, slouchy, rude, mussy, raucous, sordid, soiled, chaotic, slipshod, dirty, haphazard, rowdy, mobbish, foul, uncared for, planless, shabby, immethodical, messy, sloppy, unsystematic, rough-and-tumble, nonsystematic, filthy, rough, disorganized, shambolic, disheveled, patternless, disordered, irregular, disorderly, tumbled, sloven, slovenly, boisterous.

Examples of usage:

1) There seemed no way in which I could force my thoughts into an orderly arrangement. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) I want it to be orderly and easy and no one to be hurt or damaged. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) What a pretty, neat, orderly little girl Penelope has become! - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.