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Spell check of oppose

Correct spelling: oppose

dislike, fetter, touch, avert, rebut, countervail, barricade, assail, return, check, scar, press, stand firm, defy, stand against, fight back, cover, reject, plug, resist, buffer, oppugn, collide, drag, cope with, foul, tangle, respond, dispute, crimp, snarl, agitate, disagree, attack, make up, catch, curb, counteract, repudiate, engage, fend, safeguard, rebuff, probe, neutralize, counterbalance, encumber, even off, pock, clog, thwart, pit, strike back, interrupt, battle, defend, meet, even up, compensate, discriminate, brawl, differ, support, hinder, repress, snub, obstruct, skirmish, congest, object, snag, wrangle, disprove, stand, secede, rival, detain, handicap, counterwork, retaliate, dare, quarrel, intercept, repulse, act, hamstring, burden, deter, ward, withstand, subvert, dam, complain, delay, couple, taunt, twin, expose, stone, overpower, compare, campaign, agree, brake, crusade, cramp, paralyze, refute, block, approve, mate, screen, choke, meddle, answer, baffle, fend for, vie, question, parry, clash, rebel, confute, confound, demur, police, jibe, fight, maintain, complicate, antagonize, offset, bombard, champion, even out, deprecate, bar, bung, conflict, entrap, restrain, backfire, entangle, match, fit, impede, react, equalize, contravene, fight down, correct, mire, retort, gibe, tally, debate, suppress, repel, guard, argue, play off, inhibit, scrap, equalise, challenge, pair, save, equate, traverse, counterattack, impair, cripple, outflank, hassle, dissent, turn the scales, turn against, constrain, differentiate, declare against, oppress, wrestle, gainsay, turn the tables, react against, restrict, jam, uphold, push, stay, face, doubt, contradict, stop, interfere, mark, assault, deny, confront, encounter, belie, shelter, hamper, secure, cross, go against, tear up, contest, shield, buck, struggle, disapprove, constipate, protect, overturn, bottleneck, revolt, counter, correspond, contrast, protest, controvert, contend, represent, combat, sustain, reply, hold, negate, equal, reverse, stand fast, frustrate, bicker, tamper.

champion, abide, support, cultivate, yield, encourage, nurture, surrender, capitulate, submit, stoop, endorse, nourish, further, give in, advocate, advance, uphold, bear, suffer, knuckle under, succumb, endure, forward, promote, foster, back, bow.

Examples of usage:

1) Then you couldn't afford to openly oppose your president. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) He walked on without another word, and she dared not oppose him. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) He talked with father, and father did not oppose my dancing. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.