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Spell check of open

Correct spelling: open

pass, broad, drop, safe, unplug, uncovered, spacious, liable, screw up, fall in, tight, subject, unclosed, apart, consecrate, devote, blatant, freehearted, unfold, dissonant, conspicuous, rude, uncapped, unfastened, unwritten, certain, nonunion, openhearted, unsparing, hand, hold, fulsome, dependent, spare, callow, hence, responsible, collapse, extemporize, unlawful, capable, paralinguistic, cave in, welcoming, string out, communicative, undefended, spread, opened, commit, undisguised, downright, entertain, custom-built, turn over, upstanding, freehanded, unstinting, blustering, unlocked, open-minded, agaze, free-spoken, candid, mature, undo, pay, unclouded, pass on, uninhabited, move into, straight-shooting, coarse, endangered, bald, blossom, amenable, unplugged, drool, undeceiving, firm, extend, openhanded, on the loose, out-of-doors, adequate to, heart-to-heart, loose, chip in, manifest, reach out, sensitive, impart, credit, munificent, receptive, account, blossom out, artless, outdoors, responsive, pectoral, unoccupied, commercial, choke, bear, propagate, closed, stripped, undecided, uncalculating, natural, likely, hawk, kick, grounded, admitting, sluttish, able, unconstricted, fan out, in principle, set in, custom, bighearted, commence, asset, debut, vulnerable, appear, principled, reach, ease up, stretch out, clear-cut, tolerant, found, unfolded, come into being, begun, disseminate, fine, protection, stretch, pop, decipherable, sincere, detail, unsolved, one-on-one, accordingly, bud, operative, undetermined, pass around, verbal, originate, practical, realistic, unresolved, yawning, admissible, seasonal, call, illocutionary, prehensile, escaped, scatter, cower, arise, leave, open-door, kick in, wave, acceptant, buyer's market, pay in, operable, well-defined, cut-rate, crouch, prone, have, unaffixed, unmannerly, patent, secluded, questionable, open air, wide-eyed, close, absolved, turn out, plainspoken, bare, expose, present, truthful, airy, live and let live, hyperactive, adjust, unrestricted, posterior, splay, insecure, straight, assailable, free, charitable, genuine, ingenuous, try, initiated, climb, pucker, amuse, full-blown, brusk, unobstructed, bounteous, person-to-person, lawless, move over, burrow, disperse, irreproachable, vague, founder, trusting, sensory, overt, expansive, denuded, outspoken, empty, out, grant, unblocked, site, blunt, do, permitted, outgoing, out-front, rotate, frank, spread out, adaptable, known, circularise, unbarred, wide, set up, go into, rent, see, balance, bluff, wide-open, aftermarket, ajar, barred, wanton, give, on the fence, mortgage, unmortgaged, naive, point-blank, clear-headed, decent, break, dedicate, cleared, owned, branded, debit, unbeguiling, salivate, introduced, broadcast, go around, equal to, constitute, open up, uncivil, rough, unsettled, bountiful, exposed, un-artificial, anterior, free-for-all, thus, staring, disclose, apt, bank, make, blink, honorable, circulate, cash-and-carry, enterprising, nonverbal, straightforward, readable, arrive, attainable, add, cross-selling, taken, apparent, uncork, bold, percipient, afford, untied, dribble, clear, abrupt, throw in, establish, diffuse, impolite, blazing, pry, logical, easy, gift, raw, unclassified, get out, return, crane, sacrifice, reveal, peeled, good, exculpated, forthcoming, unguarded, feasible, accept, slobber, sensible, fade, focus, generate, plain-spoken, shut, possible, unlock, direct, throw, pragmatic, usable, yield, informal, incorporate, exonerated, cold call, distribute, unimpeded, may, well-known, solid, refused, undeceptive, double over, cervical, circularize, surface, undefendable, allowable, consumable, impartial, foursquare, die back, restricted, bring up, develop, round-eyed, feed, release, liberal, credit rating, unprotected, going, bloom, lax, unartful, dissipate, churn rate, unprejudiced, unaffected, show, one-to-one, control surface, crook, therefore, centripetal, accessible, discourteous, vacant, plain, inconsiderate, force, indefinite, unrestrained, uncertain, apply, business plan, come up, visible, employable, slack, unselfish, bow, at large, barefaced, aerofoil, debatable, continue, expressive, promiscuous, up to, unseal, ensuing, straight-out, penetrable, unbuttoned, broad-minded, expand, doable, agape, draw, render, rational, practicable, up-front, clean-cut, knock-on, unstoppered, unstopped, begin, removed, straight-from-the-shoulder, interactive, capacity, transparent, unclogged, emcee, blossom forth, idle, pioneer, indeterminate, viable, undeceitful, region, customer care, balanced, business, brokerage, book, utilizable, active, give way, unsure, come out, available, go on, susceptible, brand-name, forthright, airfoil, controversial, from, vindicated, unsophisticated, commercially, light, cannibalize, custom-made, inaugurated, borrow, broking, start up, beauty parade, bend, bestride, unscrew, unreserved, overspread, gaping, honest, consequently, unenclosed, start, susceptive, obvious, conjure, public, unbolted, man-to-man, unsafe, squeeze, contribute, direct marketing, clean, function, extensive.

decided, polite, squinting, begrudging, fine, circuitous, prejudiced, impassable, covetous, overgrown, drawn, avaricious, constricted, covered, unannounced, civil, inhibited, politic, resolved, unopen, hoggish, secret, ambiguous, revoked, cramped, itchy, grudging, stoppered, cheap, blinking, dammed, diplomatic, chary, petty, narrow-minded, silenced, warded, obstructed, penurious, envious, bigoted, desirous, nonopening, miserly, clogged, one-sided, overrun, refined, grasping, fold up, tightfisted, interfered, uncharitable, barricaded, unsusceptible, niggardly, artful, squinched, resentful, jammed, hindered, thrifty, genial, determined, considerate, winking, shut down, laconic, illiberal, stifled, selfish, impeded, privy, settled, limited, close-mouthed, close, tactful, surreptitious, conspiratorial, tight-lipped, undisclosed, invulnerable, hampered, rapacious, established, stopped, restricted, blocked, confidential, private, safeguarded, closefisted, underhand, clandestine, underhanded, urbane, certain, retracted, acquisitive, stingy, screened, sealed, sure, coveting, exclusive, compressed, blockaded, collusive, suppressed, reticent, unreceptive, close down, union, equivocal, biased, stuffed, gated, protected, sheltered, small, plugged, shut, avid, fold, withheld, encumbered, spare, ungenerous, intimate, mingy, mantled, dissembling, evasive, inaccessible, shielded, costive, courteous, undercover, trammeled, parsimonious, partial, hairy, frugal, reserved, overspread, confirmed, disingenuous, closed, bland, stinting, mean, uncommunicative, tight, concealed, recanted, narrow, restrained, partisan, unavailable, polished, off-limits, intolerant, turn up, secured, close up, guarded, sparing, covert, classified, out of use, enclosed, taciturn, unexposed, uncleared, mercenary, quiet, inactive, personal, repressed, bearded, insusceptible.

Examples of usage:

1) He resolved to be on his guard, and so kept his eyes open. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) May I open it, Richard? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) She returned to her work, and after a moment called to him through the open window. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.