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Spell check of occupy

Correct spelling: occupy

get hold of, think, co-opt, soak up, take, involve, come to, film, invade, intrigue, sop up, pertain, wipe out, lodge in, set, touch on, inhabit, exact, learn, train, catch, call for, dawn, refer, need, exhaust, interest, apprehend, tenant, submit, admission, sate, eat up, annex, contract, consider, obtain, enlist, pick out, engross, draw, make, overrun, domiciliate, wage, overload, gain, cheer, obtrude upon, repose, push, collar, strike, gratify, bear on, mesh, stand, imbibe, conquer, shack, lease, adopt, shoot, prosecute, hire, arrest, arrive, divert, preempt, take over, subscribe, guide, concern, quarter, touch, from, subscribe to, beguile, engulf, seize, delight, billet, bring, rent, pack, charter, use up, dwell, capture, belong to, colonize, look at, achieve, secure, tie up, deplete, domicile, remove, extend, squat, go over to, satisfy, rest, go through, maintain, take aim, besiege, used, pursue, reside, dues, convey, plight, suppress, occur to, belong, sit, take on, eat, lock, grip, enwrap, place, assume, replete, lie, engage, concentrate, utilize, permeate, accept, worry, take in, empty, aim, study, amuse, fulfil, betroth, enthrall, choose, fulfill, steep, enliven, suck up, infest, withdraw, conduct, settle, recreate, carry, board, people, win, entertain, admit, postulate, contain, affiance, remain, exist, plunge, come from, stretch, subjugate, run, populate, live, direct, action, vex, encroach upon, entrance, claim, house, read, run through, monopolize, hold, subdue, operate, meet, consume, settle down, inaugurate, necessitate, disport, please, get, flash, care, lodge, work, absorb, busy, make full, relate, attend, assimilate, ingest, catch up, pervade, control, keep, fascinate, employ, demand, immerse, storm, select, ask, satiate, acquire, fill up, deal, intrude on, attack, swamp, snare, lead, matter to, bemuse, take away, excite, drive, overwork, abduct, roost, fill, stay, have, require, take up.

busy, weary, tire, disturb, bore, distract, disquiet, annoy, pall, jade.

Examples of usage:

1) These preparations would occupy several days. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The rules still say that only married guests can occupy the same cabin and 'guests' can be human or otherwise, can't they? - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.

3) The confession to which he had just given ear did not occupy his mind much. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.