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Spell check of obvious

Correct spelling: obvious

limpid, discernible, creative, luculent, under her nose, unequivocal, pellucid, ringing, understandable, in evidence, thinkable, ambiguous, barefaced, under his nose, accepted, understood, unambiguous, open, natural, overt, marked, accessible, indisputable, unbiased, definite, luminous, light, open-and-shut, reasonable, undeniable, fair-minded, spirit, flagrant, independent, outlook, provable, large, apparent, fair, egregious, lucid, exhibitionist, visible, instinct, manifest, unsubtle, self-explanatory, intelligible, unadorned, under one's nose, simple, perceptible, patent, broad, perspicuous, conclusive, unsophisticated, profound, spectacular, blatant, bright-line, distinguishable, evident, legitimate, writ large, bald, big, public, imaginative, behavior, young, posture, unambivalent, disposition, perceivable, exhibitionistic, identifiable, crystal clear, self-evident, nonambiguous, decent, inclination, exposed, palpable, decided, schtick, noticeable, hidden, gross, demonstrable, translucent, under your nose, bold, diaphanous, explicit, human nature, obscure, frank, eye-catching, featured, conspicuous, precise, clear, taken for granted, observable, aphoristic, outstanding, attention-getting, conduct, see, striking, show up, transparent, prominent, glaring, plain, proverbial, naive, straightforward, imaginings, innocent, axiomatic, crying, under our noses, salient, inexperienced, rank, just, originality, imagination, bald-faced, unmistakable, pronounced, creativity, tangible, under my nose, visionary, clear-cut, seeable, distinct.

illegible, dim, incomprehensible, imprecise, obscure, slight, unfathomable, inappreciable, nebulous, unclear, equivocal, trivial, ambiguous, indiscernible, subtle, cryptic, enigmatic, impalpable, trifling, vague, gauzy, clouded, murky, small, undecipherable, indefinite, insignificant, hazy, sketchy, indecipherable, inconspicuous, unapparent, unobtrusive, mysterious, opaque, cloudy, indistinct, inconsequential, unprovable, slippery, dark, unnoticeable, turbid, hidden, foggy, unintelligible, misty, unreadable, noncommital, inconsiderable, invisible, dubious, insensible, nonobvious, unclouded, indeterminate, concealed, unobvious, unknowable, obfuscated, imperceptible, gray.

Examples of usage:

1) It was, as Warren had put it, 'very obvious'- so obvious as to be tiresome. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) In these cases the labour and the results of the labour are obvious, but no cultivated land exists anywhere that is not the product of much labour- certainly much more labour than Mr. George seems to have any idea of. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) " We'll talk about that later," my father replied, with a desire to change the subject obvious in his tone. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.