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Spell check of obtuse

Correct spelling: obtuse

leaden, pinheaded, impenetrable, mute, slow, lamebrain, dunderheaded, oblique, shadowy, simple, dim-sighted, dull, insensitive, dulled, senseless, apathetic, sleepy, softheaded, brain-dead, unintelligent, besotted, unsharpened, thudding, dorky, bleak, tedious, sand-blind, deadening, unsubdivided, softened, undiscerning, near-blind, loutish, tiresome, irksome, brainless, witless, pointless, benumbed, idiotic, visually challenged, simple-minded, bubbleheaded, visually impaired, subdued, vague, vacuous, ponderous, soporific, rounded, mindless, birdbrained, muffled, bovine, hebetudinous, dumb, wispy, drowsy, dim, empty-headed, orthogonal, unsmart, boorish, stupefied, tactless, cos, wearisome, oafish, speechless, fatuous, lethargic, cloddish, black, bonehead, unpointed, ability, stolid, perpendicular, unselective, round, lunkheaded, median, dim-witted, half-witted, cotangent, silent, thick, thick-witted, minute, degree, boneheaded, comatose, heavy, slow-witted, insensible, chuckleheaded, dimwitted, gormless, blunted, soft, boring, blockheaded, faint, dopey, dimmed, cosine, weak-minded, dense, indiscreet, airheaded, blunt, sluggish, ho-hum, purblind, silly, doltish, thickheaded, opaque, muted.

highbrow, informed, quick-witted, pointed, intellectual, sharp, sharp-witted, spiky, prudent, spiked, compound, knowing, scholarly, erudite, brilliant, sage, smart, spikelike, wily, hyperintelligent, clever, jabbing, acute, foxy, sagacious, edgy, lacerating, knowledgeable, cunning, cutting, percipient, learned, brainy, literate, piercing, wise, nimble, bright, insightful, sapient, honed, edged, sharpened, keen, reasonable, schooled, sensible, apt, sane, savvy, needlelike, crafty, ingenious, astute, discerning, quick, perceptive, fast, well-read, skilled, sound, jagged, trained, logical, ultrasmart, shrewd, ground, scratching, thinking, perspicacious, valid, judicious, whetted, intelligent, spiny, resourceful, rational, supersmart, stabbing, prickly, cerebral, educated.

Examples of usage:

1) Now that Bulwer has gone the way of all fashions, it seems incredible that the most obtuse and slow- witted of critics should have mistaken for a moment his high- flown sentimental style for the new author's terse, vigorous and simple prose. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) He felt intellectually obtuse. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.

3) " I'm obtuse, I suppose," he said slowly. - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.