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Spell check of obscure

Correct spelling: obscure

nebulous, disordered, inexplicable, mystic, unappreciated, foggy, unconnected, non-white, dapple, dusk, somber, deep, incoherent, nameless, defile, darkish, mask, murky, pitch-dark, deepen, compound, frenzied, screen, irregular, mixed, puzzling, noteless, gloomy, lightless, saturnine, dark-skinned, benight, insular, secretive, obfuscated, out of sight, befog, glowering, wispy, smear, confound, equivocal, darken, double-edged, enshroud, formless, pitch-black, eclipse, wipe out, inconceivable, bedevil, hush, personal, inconspicuous, perplex, taint, tangled, lie low, inchoate, cryptic, unobtrusive, indistinguishable, dismal, benighted, out-of-the-way, near, flurry, dingy, Delphic, smudge, unvalued, cloudy, see, muddled, dim, unfamous, unconspicuous, inconsistent, hide out, abstruse, clear, isolated, light, manifold, bury, dubious, becloud, mist, unlit, indefinite, pale, sooty, ambiguous, perturbed, mingled, anarchical, inglorious, disguise, incomprehensible, submerge, darkling, vague, befuddle, uneven, imprecise, fuliginous, shapeless, fuddle, dark, confused, fox, uncertain, slur, darkened, difficult, amorphous, undetermined, disorganized, no-name, perplexing, blear, elliptical, secret, blurry, unfathomable, veil, solitary, lonesome, sully, umbrageous, shade, complicate, blind, contorted, covered, cabalistic, blacken, heterogeneous, disconnected, disorderly, deformed, retired, mystify, cover, insane, bedim, throw, swarthy, mottle, blot out, complex, arcane, strange, sinister, shadowy, moody, private, hazy, lawless, lonely, glaze over, darksome, deranged, embroiled, drab, baffle, complicated, inexplicit, dense, mix up, silhouetted, morose, overshadow, corrupt, unnoticeable, outlying, removed, glum, dishonorable, disintegrated, shady, unknown, irrelevant, questionable, undistinct, blur, uncelebrated, cluttered, smutch, indecisive, anonymous, rayless, disconcert, overcast, sullen, shadow, misty, chaotic, humble, tenebrous, occult, secluded, misconstrue, illogical, mistake, disarrayed, tenebrific, camouflage, remote, unnamed, impenetrable, overcloud, convoluted, doubtful, messy, defy, obnubilate, shaded, elaborate, confuse, undefined, loose, obliterate, shroud, cloak, esoteric, efface, knowledge, distant, dusky, sorry, unreadable, unruly, indistinct, rare, back, apart, enigmatic, certain, conglomerate, wild, obfuscate, curtain, composite, hide, film over, entangled, muddle, blue, definite, opaque, insoluble, unseen, jumbled, indeterminate, turbid, disconsolate, uncomprehensible, lax, profound, hidden, drear, frantic, sour, caliginous, unsung, tumultuous, inky, discombobulate, out of control, discomposed, intricate, unclear, invisible, unrecognized, dour, black, censor, obscured, cloud, fog, oracular, undisciplined, stygian, rambunctious, faint, unidentified, inexact, inscrutable, gauzy, multiform, tempestuous, fuzzy, confusing, involved, haze over, anarchistic, concealed, disheveled, dimmed, cloud over, put off, unintelligible, tuck away, fluster, conceal, jumble, mist over, dreary, grim, pitchy, cloud up, coloured, unheard-of, bleary, mysterious.

resplendent, obvious, legendary, ablaze, notable, incandescent, direct, plain, sure, sparkling, lightsome, exceptional, remarkable, fabled, sunlit, brilliant, appreciable, unmistakable, honorable, self-explanatory, luminous, beaming, agleam, glowing, favorite, certain, definite, noteworthy, respectable, infamous, beamy, patent, famous, evident, major, self-evident, lucid, bright, knowable, intelligible, influential, uncombined, fabulous, well-known, noted, legible, nonambiguous, simple, lit, reputable, lucent, light, distinguished, floodlit, leading, popular, aglitter, effulgent, glaring, significant, eminent, prominent, moony, blatant, unraveled, alight, homogeneous, moonlit, notorious, accessible, relucent, lustrous, outstanding, starlit, comprehensible, connected, illuminated, palpable, straightforward, strong, newsworthy, renowned, clear, illustrious, uncompounded, determined, unambiguous, shiny, great, illumined, highlighted, brightened, important, glossy, celebrated, tangible, defined, exact, radiant, preferred, lambent, estimable, shining, understandable, explicit, unconcealed, famed, conspicuous, uniform, unequivocal, comprehendible, visible, distinct, fathomable, firm, glorious, prestigious, pellucid.

Examples of usage:

1) Was it imagined or was there indeed a triumph there- a triumph that no age nor weakness could obscure? - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) This, of course, was when the war was finished and Mr. Spokesly, with the rest of the Merchant Service, had slipped back into that obscure neglect from which they had temporarily emerged. - "Command", William McFee.

3) On either hand extended an obscure and empty street. - "Command", William McFee.