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Spell check of nut

Correct spelling: nut

bullock block, booby, ninnyhammer, git, lover, starter, brain damage, addict, fan, wise, trumpery, garbage, nincompoop, original, sicko, screwball, devotee, doofus, psychotic, evangelist, oddball, folderol, flapdoodle, maniac, nob, mazard, oddity, crosspatch, featherhead, fiddlesticks, malarkey, case, fudge, crapola, monstrosity, fool, conk, buff, madwoman, tosh, pistachio, cerebellum, moonshine, silliness, drug addict, weirdie, slush, aficionado, horsefeathers, meth, brain death, hokum, blah, knot, burden, nerts, flake, nitwit, codswallop, chunk, churl, hoodoo, pecan, chicken feed, rot, hooey, filbert, coconut, orchis, sickie, freak, ding-a-ling, dowel, half-wit, nutter, loon, ding-dong, twaddle, bits, lump, cerebral cortex, noodle, poppycock, matter, bunk, headcase, concern, flannel, nuts, zealot, turkey, bunkum, cerebral, madman, butternut, trouble, blather, crackpot, eccentric, junkie, fruit, clod, cervical, brain, hound, drivel, supporter, codger, chalk, zany, shabu, fiend, cap, berk, block, simpleton, central nervous system, fancier, sultana, peppercorn, muck, difficulty, pine nut, ice, grouch, tommyrot, yo-yo, prune, beans, ballock, patron, punk, taradiddle, cashew, testis, poll, pate, crazy, baloney, formal, enthusiast, drool, cojones, fanatic, humbuggery, eggs, peanut, guff, cervix, ball, loony, rivet, bolt, butterfly nut, connoisseur, nutcase, fruitcake, blarney, senselessness, globe, en, quiz, musket ball, psychopath, acorn, ninny, bug, challenge, weirdo, neurotic, mooncalf, walnut, nutjob, cuckoo, body, crackbrain, charlie, kernel, fiddle, nut case, balderdash, head, simp, lusus naturae, man, trash, bean, nail, maven, space cadet, claptrap, plug, bull, blatherskite, orb, follower, raisin, chestnut, lunatic, crank, character, skull, bollock, cranium, bosh, jazz, psycho, egg, almond, seed, brainwave, hogwash, bur, clump, humbug, dingbat, folly, glass, goose, monster, piffle, bilge, hazelnut, responsibility, head case, foolishness, beaver, fiddle-faddle, pin, grump, applesauce, brainstem, junky, wacko, habitué, nit, blither, rubbish, stupidity, methamphetamine hydrochloride, noddle, Brazil nut, methamphetamine, noggin, crown, deoxyephedrine, glob, stone, brain cell, crock, beechnut, kook.

cure-all, answer, silver bullet, detractor, wisdom, discernment, reasonability, solution, critic, sense, sage, follower, rationality, levelheadedness, magic bullet, carper, brain, thinker, conformer, sheep, panacea, sensibleness, genius, horse sense, reasonableness, judgment, common sense, conformist.

Examples of usage:

1) " Anybody who takes telepathy seriously is considered a nut," said the colonel. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) The length of the traverse is determined by the adjustable Wave Shaft Stud, which can be easily and quickly raised or lowered, and the Ring Rail can be placed at the correct starting point by means of a thumb nut. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

3) You must be a tough nut. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.