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Spell check of notice

Correct spelling: notice

receipt, ceremony, classified ad, honour, promulgation, come up, propaganda, enlightenment, entrancement, chance on, strike out, calling card, telling, reflection, cooling-off period, detect, let on, plaque, rumor, kiss, advertency, recover, interlude, buoy, broadsheet, learn, differentiate, observance, newsroom, encounter, get hold, announce, critique, curtsy, siren, spot, publication, cross off, beak, retrieve, name, ad, bank bill, watching, bump, release, stigmatise, recognize, take note, unwrap, remark, pock, centerfold, divulge, bill poster, handbill, care, organ, banner headline, mark, peak, ear, pit, caution, communiqué, concern, identify, feel, interest, watch, headline-grabbing, reflexion, interruption, bow, smile, rapture, nock, cognizance, signalize, eye, vociferate, halt, let out, signal, mind, account, foghorn, dispatch, tick, admonishment, admonition, newsletter, bring out, heedfulness, disclose, bell, vizor, government note, cheesecake, blue book, newscast, journalism, banker's bill, fall upon, document, advert, opinion, punctuate, mindfulness, score, noticeboard, descry, bulletin board, early warning, plug-in, grade, consideration, front-page, annunciation, bill, maintain, exclusive, menu, set, report, observation, annotate, annual report, advisory, consent form, recess, cross out, greet, current affairs, denounce, billhook, rule, respect, watchfulness, bill of fare, label, kowtow, lineup, artwork, newsmagazine, alert, hear, discern, receive, regardfulness, flyer, dissemination, announcement, words, approach, know, billboard, get wind, tick off, pause, distinguish, tell, broadside, ceremonial, eyeshade, pick out, commemorate, nib, semaphore, visor, signalise, placard, attentiveness, memo, flare, mention, alertness, take down, wit, salaam, obtain, alarm, notify, apprisal, gloss, broadcast, horn, point out, whistle, throwaway, get, board, call attention, get word, criticism, keep out, card, key, celebrate, acknowledge, come across, directory, find, get a line, invoice, wave, observe, newspaper, concentration, mailing, concept statement, message, banknote, chance, engrossment, regain, intermission, chance upon, immersion, scrutiny, honor, attention, note, company report, bank note, red alert, wag, scorecard, no, see, commercial, delay, article, gossip, intimation, flash, flier, ceremonial occasion, attain, communication, threat, nod, light upon, strike off, brand, welcome, carte, beacon, show, call, incur, advertisement, dossier, examen, tag, cartoon, determine, post horse, admit, break, hail, expose, notification, code red, mark off, bulletin, hug, confidentiality agreement, herald, give away, presentment, awareness, intentness, happen upon, bill sticker, keep an eye on, information, poster, sign, keep, declare, promotion, byline, brief, pick up, interval, gazette, happen, recognise, banner, post, edict, forewarning, shake hands with, follow, advertence, carry, find oneself, statement, check, visiting card, line up, certificate, stigmatize, fascination, discover, ascertain, abide by, salute, describe, comment, identity card, proclamation, news, greenback, warning, regard, witness, reveal, add-in, consciousness, epistle, circular, batting order, review, knowledge, newsworthy, scar, periodical, watch over, directive, embrace, key out, measure, diligence, enrapture, espial, circuit card, strike, declaration, find out, accost, remonstrate, check off, heads-up, journal, posting, come upon, absorption, heed, manifesto, neb, caveat, pronouncement, honoring, circuit board, carte du jour, charter, advice column.

disregard, neglect, obliviousness, ignore, unawareness.

Examples of usage:

1) Half the men merely make their bow when they meet me, and neither expect me to remember who they are or to notice them. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) And one of 'em happened to notice 'em, and raised right up outa his chair, an' said: 'Cind'rilla, sure as I live! - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) But take notice of this one, please, and of this one, and of this one too. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.