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Spell check of note

Correct spelling: note

parentage, advert, C, bank note, capital, espial, cue, prompt, journal, obligation, abide by, differentiate, tincture, bloodline, petty cash, line of business, notational system, budget, fingerprint, invoice, comment, occupation, scrawl, credit line, shrug, bank line, annotation, blue book, coin, enclosure, total, line of merchandise, whole step, digest, marker, gross, short letter, name, signal, formality, debt, ambience, chalkboard, flyer, addendum, distinction, origin, character, tonicity, tally, pull down, logical argument, blood, diary, commemorate, differentiation, figure, caption, journalize, keep, Federal Reserve note, wealth, job, attribute, berth, file, descent, account, change, chain letter, hallmark, detail, follow, diagnostic, stamp, blurb, crotchet, money order, situation, report, inventory, observation, nugget, dough, swag, cry, specific, scratch, watch over, set down, table, wallet, discern, deficit, line of descent, consciousness, neb, bullion, wrinkle, pitch, tick off, flier, set, bass, flag, postcard, maintain, tabulate, property, illustriousness, karma, banker's bill, observe, itemize, beak, draft, currency, obiter dictum, communication channel, write, course, denounce, temper, indicator, business line, degrade, glory, melodic line, memorandum, appendix, evidence, symbolize, telephone circuit, cognizance, disgrace, punctuate, crib, let down, promissory note, put down, personal credit line, consent form, token, cross out, liability, check off, tint, nudge, interval, honour, prominence, important, bring down, billet-doux, cable, vizor, renown, certificate, issue, keep an eye on, chit, frame of mind, pounds, smell, dollar, stigmatize, get down, seam, worth, coupon, count, tune, moolah, banknote, crease, look, inscribe, subscriber line, indebtedness, demarcation, office, fluency, bankroll, nimbus, strike out, compose, classwork, Dear John letter, correspondence, pocket money, vibration, indicate, notify, strain, peculiarity, spending money, spot, company report, degree, bill, wampum, book, acknowledgment, transcribe, patina, signification, eyeshade, product line, nock, list, prestige, heart, railway line, production line, annual report, bucks, jotting, record, delinquency, note of hand, government note, luster, afterword, transmission line, take note, tubercle, missive, respect, attention, tear down, stock, mindfulness, minute, reminder, line of credit, voucher, bread, ear, fame, step, formulation, stigmatise, indication, eraser, funds, come up, gesticulate, log, agate line, monotone, fortune, remark, rase, touch, notes, silver, assets, sensation, air letter, annotating, letter, feeling, income, take down, feature, motion, acknowledgments, double flat, announcement, reflection, point out, greenback, line, wink, agenda, raise, net worth, observance, dividing line, balance sheet, denote, cash, tell of, feel, money, loan, mark, differentia, regard, blackboard, business, notation, notice, entry, eminency, detect, essay, gymnastics, eye, awareness, pipeline, store, scale, affection, bank bill, debit, argumentation, visor, pick out, charter, trait, enumerate, point, pock, melodic phrase, eminence, answer, cover letter, designate, do, wad, beckon, peak, copy down, measure, ingot, symbol, passion, place, discover, billhook, words, word, level, throwaway, spirit, confidentiality agreement, symptom, celebrate, invoke, nod, heed, diction, mention, poster, climate, position, argument, line of reasoning, posting, dossier, gold, schedule, mood, guide, flat, tone, grade, raze, musical note, ancestry, beat, scribble, strike off, acknowledge, concept statement, calendar, flow, memo, scar, knowledge, dispatch, enter, artwork, A, check, index, key, fustian, epistle, watch, archive, document, representation, quality, circular, profit, repute, lineage, arrears, idiolect, see, back, jottings, stemma, cite, advertency, tonus, sign, tag, attribution, witness, dismantle, handbill, particularity, pure tone, pit, copper, contrast, label, telephone line, broadside, audit, find, line of products, score, undercurrent, recount, furrow, phone line, shade, nib, collect, betoken, flavor, rep, treasure, honor, wave, inscription, chronicle, atmosphere, rail line, aria, dead letter, sharp, clock, manifestation, tell, delivery, allude to, crinkle, summary, D, lower, timbre, card, binding, body, criterion, prominency, receipts, dictation, demean, aroma, mark off, loot, distinguish, commentary, halo, alert, bond, IOU, chord, catalog, message, sterling, interpretation, summarize, advertence, pledge, show, identify, flavour, gesture, refer, post, timber, personal line of credit, exercise book, touch on, bring up, preeminence, melody, B, purse, mortgage, air, assembly line, proceeds, whole tone, feelings, ticket, register, default, badge, natural, line of work, odor, coinage, tone of voice, pedigree, blood line, ways and means, tick, billet, placard, notability, wherewithal, exegesis, broadsheet, recognize, brand, all-nighter, tuberosity, reply, lucre, channel, utterance, emotion, cross off.

reproach, shame, disregard, disgrace, neglect, obloquy, discredit, opprobrium, ignominy, odium, infamy, obliviousness, ignore, disrepute, unawareness, dishonor.

Examples of usage:

1) You've kept your new note to yourself all that time! - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.

2) On the next day Reeve got a short note from Dobb. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

3) Miss Archer made note of their names. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.