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Spell check of nonplus

Correct spelling: nonplus

crush, bilk, aim, bother, work over, stick by, flap, fetch, stay, have, cause, frustrate, outwit, foil, go, start out, irritate, outfox, grow, spoil, make, drive, beat out, quiver, model, commove, overreach, sire, drum, bring forth, buzz off, amaze, rattle, bewilder, develop, rag, catch, set, hold fast, begin, stand by, generate, disturb, bugger off, pose, abash, lodge, fix, discomfit, suffer, scotch, complicate, vex, ticktock, ticktack, astound, tucker, commence, stick to, rile, cohere, pay off, personate, receive, nettle, worry, thrum, impersonate, nark, annoy, stir up, stump, astonish, father, pay back, acquire, sustain, scram, pound, cling, shake up, mortify, vanquish, scramble, contract, regulate, obtain, outsmart, stay put, stick, stick around, produce, disconcert, tick, sting, get at, stimulate, fluster, knowledge, besot, mystify, shell, chafe, dumbfound, get under one's skin, baffle, stupefy, puzzle, arrive, discombobulate, place, tucker out, experience, cross, trounce, capture, sit, get down, circumvent, bemuse, confuse, present, put, exhaust, bond, agitate, beget, draw, confound, take, throw, thump, mother, stun, posture, adhere, lay, engender, beat, gravel, thwart, wedge, beat up, become, induce, incur, faze, get, raise up, arrest, set about, convey, position, discountenance, start, find, flummox, bring, wash up, affect, cleave, set out, bind, bunk, pulsate, come, let, perplex, get to.

relieve, assure, calm, comfort, buoy, hearten, reassure, cheer, soothe, console, encourage, embolden.

Examples of usage:

1) He was so preoccupied with the effect he wished to produce, that a practical joke, Blondet, had bet once or twice, and won the wager, that he could nonplus him at any moment by merely looking fixedly at his hair, or his boots, or the tails of his coats. - "Modeste Mignon", Honore de Balzac.

2) The renegade was a little at a nonplus, as he never had undergone the operation which he had described. - "The Pacha of Many Tales", Captain Frederick Marryat.

3) The Enemy will be 10th to quit the small Portion of Land they possess within the United States, for though they must despair of subduing us by Arms, it will be necessary for them to oblige us to continue the Expence of large Armies in order to nonplus us in the Art of financiering. - "The Original Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 4", Samuel Adams.