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Spell check of nonexistent

Correct spelling: nonexistent

missing, null, meaningless, elsewhere, abstract, devoid, unsubstantial, hypothetical, out, lost, unexisting, gone, omitted, barren, unreal, lacking, away, empty, truant, fictitious, unavailable, wanting, non-subsistent, absent, in absentia, void, misplaced, vacuous, vanished, departed, no-show, nonextant, unattainable, imaginary, vacant.

common, thriving, going, living, evident, present, current, active, prevailing, animate, existent, alive, plain, uncanceled, existing, prevalent, conspicuous, apparent, obvious.

Examples of usage:

1) Yet further, the pure character- interest is small- is almost nonexistent: and the rococo- mosaic of manners and sentiment which was to prove the curse of the heroic romance generally prevents much interest being felt in that direction. - "The English Novel", George Saintsbury.

2) It is needless to say that many of these advantages were nonexistent. - "A Stake in the Land", Peter Alexander Speek.

3) She never went near Solem any more, and behaved as though he were nonexistent. - "Look Back on Happiness", Knut Hamsun.