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Spell check of nice

Correct spelling: nice

trivial, restraint, superior, careful, finicky, comme il faut, unassuming, broad, aloof, discriminate, difficult, worthy, upright, fussy, critical, decorous, fine, gentle, formal, subtle, ability, high-grade, square-toed, helpful, big, stiff, stilted, comminuted, excellent, sharp, old-maidish, adept, welcoming, righteous, nuanced, confusing, likable, honest, high-minded, mellow, ethical, accomplished, warm, genial, precise, palatable, confused, hostile, darling, charming, priggish, minute, comely, praiseworthy, practiced, prim, luscious, slick, straight, prissy, contorted, tasty, exact, enough, gracious, masterful, victorian, dulcet, five-star, particular, picky, starchy, slender, cold, modest, obliging, gratifying, chaste, churlish, discriminating, worthwhile, tight-laced, complicated, demanding, felicitous, clear, all right, tenuous, strait-laced, cheerful, choosy, polite, welcome, considerate, well-disposed, delightful, expert, jolly, seemly, befitting, kind, incomprehensible, straight-laced, subtile, discerning, courtesy, rude, enjoyable, finespun, distant, workmanlike, adequate, good-tempered, pretty, topnotch, unfriendly, heavenly, decent, dreamy, niminy-piminy, prepossessing, genteel, splendid, commendable, hairline, straightlaced, icy, fastidious, first-rate, just, good, de rigueur, like, puritanical, restful, hairsplitting, congenial, complex, exacting, small, stony, dainty, intricate, benign, inviting, overnice, fussbudgety, skillfully, favorable, beautiful, cultured, pure, amiable, moral, right, prudish, honorable, handsome, skillful, winsome, persnickety, winning, pleasurable, indecorous, relaxing, laudable, admirable, spontaneous, genuine, exemplary, elegant, stiff-necked, twee, involved, exquisite, barnstorming, finicking, clarified, virtuous, unpleasant, elaborate, pleasant, cordial, delicate, bonny, correct, true, delightsome, right-minded, skilful, affable, straitlaced, sweet, careless, braw, antagonistic, satisfying, good-natured, pleasing, irreproachable, becoming, gauzy, respectable, demure, proficient, masterly, proper, virginal, grateful, refined, meticulous, artful, lovely, attractive, mincing, sensitive, keen, benignant, detailed, warm-hearted, accurate, tight, accept, finical, punctilious, polished, slight, pernickety, savory, blessed, courteous, squeamish, beneficial, kindly, thin, agreeable, delicious, delectable, distinguishing, ingratiating, friendly, smooth.

choleric, unamiable, laid-back, argumentative, deplorable, immoral, flat, hostile, uncivil, disagreeable, heartbreaking, dirty, outraging, iniquitous, sorrowful, testy, banned, evident, vicious, heedless, unwelcome, blameworthy, imprecise, shabby, contentious, exasperating, dreary, repugnant, forbidding, ghastly, blunt, prohibited, annoying, incensing, lachrymose, debauched, lousy, great, unkind, bilious, slipshod, repellent, awful, heavy, careless, boring, angering, wicked, dishonest, boorish, ungenial, bad, hellish, improper, grotty, cantankerous, grungy, disheartening, intimidating, unambiguous, large, vile, indecorous, dull, relaxed, unsavory, clear-cut, gauche, obvious, patent, snappish, easygoing, stale, regrettable, disallowed, tacky, abominable, touchy, inexact, informal, incorrect, clumsy, unsociable, distasteful, hateful, barred, outlawed, unhappy, fallen, unrespectable, inflaming, carefree, forbidden, doleful, sad, pleasureless, incautious, indefinite, infamous, nasty, perturbing, ungraceful, bearish, grumpy, vinegary, infuriating, abhorrent, villainous, revulsive, joyless, upsetting, unbecoming, offensive, loose, commonplace, horrid, filthy, devil-may-care, maddening, dishonorable, querulous, erring, seedy, indelicate, nefarious, coarse, unpleasant, contrary, naughty, peevish, low-pressure, heartrending, rude, open-and-shut, gloomy, rankling, unequivocal, unethical, dissolute, slapdash, lenient, ill-mannered, wretched, lax, tragic, unmistakable, ornery, perspicuous, stout, affable, repulsive, awkward, low, unfastidious, discourteous, permissive, uncritical, plain, wrong, casual, impolite, enraging, petulant, manifest, breezy, unattractive, peeving, irksome, apparent, disturbing, sloppy, mean, odious, flexible, reprobate, degenerate, proscribed, ill-natured, thick, tedious, ungracious, unrighteous, unceremonious, objectionable, indecent, big, crabby, unappealing, intolerable, rough, aggravating, atrocious, libertine, inconsiderate, unsatisfactory, mournful, palpable, quick-tempered, indiscriminating, depraved, unacceptable, unprincipled, ill-tempered, unmannerly, immense, clear, happy-go-lucky, displeasing, inappropriate, fussy, irritating, evil-minded, riling, unpalatable, huge, lugubrious, detestable, undiscriminating, miserable, irritable, evil, yucky, lamentable, undemanding, lackadaisical, unseemly, dissatisfying, depressing, debased, sour, dyspeptic, vexing, dismal, dolorous, sinful, insipid, cranky, errant, churlish, disgusting, ill-humored, broad, grouchy, god-awful, irascible, black, distressing, obnoxious, corrupt, transparent, surly, perverted, interdicted, unscrupulous, base.

Examples of usage:

1) Three years ago, however, dear Tom had made her write to Hew Lingard, and though Hew had refused her kind invitation, he had written quite a nice letter. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) Jane Oglander was very nice, thoroughly nice, but she would never be of any use to the Pache family. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) It's nice t' be nice. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.