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Spell check of neglect

Correct spelling: neglect

die, forfeiture, inadvertency, trample, disavow, fell, forget, send away, flatten, overlook, shove around, discount, forgetfulness, space, deteriorate, put aside, brush off, give out, escape, vacantly, discharge, leave off, haphazardness, turn off, inattentiveness, knock off, lapse, drop off, spaced out, obliterate, IgG, elapse, stand by, clumsiness, overtop, throw away, indifference, unload, oversight, put down, neglectful, zone, look out over, dangle, sink, inconsiderateness, leave out, miscarry, desolation, go wrong, disdain, inattentive, nonperformance, dominate, slight, negligence, deny, slovenliness, failure, omission, abuse, infringement, snub, abstain, distant, bad faith, neglectfulness, cast off, expend, devolve, cast, shoddiness, omit, scorn, except, dismiss, sit by, brush aside, chaos, noncompliance, throw, fail, evasion, strike down, shake off, heedlessness, swing, bomb, reject, disobedience, refrain, disuse, disregardfulness, thoughtlessness, drop, inconsideration, coolness, push aside, disclaim, go bad, conk out, delinquency, ignore, overleap, break down, cut down, set down, disrespect, disrepair, cut, degenerate, drop down, grind down, kick around, command, throw off, vault, preoccupied, bother, break, erase, hit out, remissness, unconcern, misprision, absent, carelessness, senility, violation, look across, shirk, inadvertence, slack, abstracted, nonobservance, slackness, abdicate, send packing, nonfeasance, flunk, look out on, transgression, lack, concern, disregard, dereliction, mistreat, perfunctoriness, shed, recklessness, default, write off, spend, drip, lose, oppress, sloppiness, go, delay, take out, miss, care for, pretermit, infraction, flush it, blank, give way, dilapidation, inattention, seediness, dribble, betray, do, run out, exclude.

conservation, upkeep, take to heart, keeping, compliance, fulfillment, discharge, attend to, repair, preservation.

Examples of usage:

1) But it don't pay to git stuck on any one doctor, for they'll either neglect you or bulldooze you when you do. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) Her manner indicated it, and she was perfectly willing to neglect her practice for his company, which had not been the case before. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) I don't want to neglect you; I think too much of you. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.